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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Free, Online Leather/Kink Book Recommendation

From American Leatherman 2013 Aaron Duke:

My life is enriched by the connections I make with people on a deeper level. It is rare that I find a book that looks into my soul and knows who and what I am.

I have been to the website for years and seen this short book. I never read it. I know why now. I wasn't ready for the information and power in the readings.

This book addressed what BDSM, Kink, Leather, and Fetish are for me. It shared stories and information of the type of scenes I like to have. Of the type of relationships I like to have. Of the experiences I like to have and share with others.

I found it to be comprehensive. It talks of spirituality, history, tradition, philosophy, psychology, politics, and even in modern day realm of netiquette.

I no longer am interested in hooking up for casual sex. I am no longer looking to play for the sake of play. I am not longer concerned with the orgasm. It is much more to me. It is connecting with someone on a spiritual level. Leather is who I am. It is also my fetish. Kink is what I do and who I am. It is part of my identity.

I suggest to anyone whether you are new or used to read this 90 paged book. I picked it up last night and completed it today. The PDF is downloadable here.

I will offer you the same warning that was given to me. This book will change your life. Be prepared.

Thank you, Wolf Martin and the Universe for leading me back to this book once again. I was ready to read, comprehend, and apply to my life at this point.

Barclay Barrios, thank you and the Universe for this insightful piece of art. Although, I have never had the chance to meet you, I felt as though you pierced my soul with your righting. I read it and said, "Yes, I have felt that way."

I particularly enjoyed your Open Letter to the GMSMA concerning guns, breath play, and Nazi uniforms. Yes, I enjoy all three. I know MANY people around the world who enjoy these fetishes. It is time we quit denying it and censoring it.

"We can't choose our desires. But we can choose what to do with them. Nothing before you this evening is inherently unsafe, insane, or nonconsensual. I ask you to validate not these particular practices per se, but the right of every consenting adult to explore their sexuality with other consenting adults. I know there are very practical concerns buried in these issues, but if they are also, indeed, political, then,please, consider the larger political issue, the one about pursuing our fantasies, safely, the one that brought us all into this community to start with."

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