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Monday, November 24, 2014

Events as of November 24

Note from Papa Tony:  These newsletters are continuing to be sparse in number until after January 1.
Why? Because large, major events will NOT be scheduled until after the holidays are over. Too many family-visits, office-parties and conflicting events of every kind.  It's time to relax!

On the plus side, you can look forward to many postings of photos, audio and video from past events that never got processed (we've had a VERY busy year, and it's hell to keep up).

As always, if the pictures are EXCELLENT, they are by Scott Smith and Felix Moo!


Tickets are now available for the Butchmanns Experience in late January.

From Papa Tony: This is an extremely important article about the science behind long-lasting relationships. Speaking as a man who has had some really long relationships in my life, it makes complete sense to me.

A special note about Saturday, December 6:

There are FOUR events to tantalize you, starting at 3PM and 
going on into the late night.  Details are below.

Thanks to Scott for passing this article along - It's GREAT! Another use for a sling.

From Donnie:

I saw this on the Net, and thought it was a good description of the D/s (Dominant/sub) dynamic:

"Being a Dominant is not like the military where rank assumes obedience. The “rank” of Dominant or Master is not assumed by the Dominant but bestowed by a submissive. This is important because it cuts to the heart of why a Dominant has the authority to give “orders” in the first place. A Dom only has power because he has been granted that power by the submissive. And a submissive grants that power to someone he respects, trusts, desires, and believes has his best interests at heart. He grants it to someone with whom he feels completely safe and protected. 

So yes, I as a Dominant do in fact give orders. But my orders are not simply motivated by desire for blind obedience but are often targeted at a higher purpose. Sure, often they are for my personal pleasure. But they are also designed to instill knowledge, establish norms of behavior, set expectations for performance, and above all, challenge my sub to be the best person he can possibly be both in and outside our relationship. They are also designed to similarly challenge me. I always strive to be a better person, a better partner, a better Dominant, and have our mutual interests always at heart. 

Being a Dominant is less about assuming authority than being a leader. A leader earns the right to lead. My sub gives me all the power I have as a Dominant. What I do with that power is up to me. But if I use it unwisely or selfishly, it will evaporate and my sub will opt to vote with his feet. D/s is, after all, a consensual agreement between two free persons and thus can be terminated when one or the other is not satisfied. D/s and even M/s are not true slavery, even when we choose to call it that. 

Ultimately, the submissive decides who will be his leader or if he will take on a leader at all. It is that decision that empowers the Dominant, and that decision is earned, not taken."


From Robb Rodd:

The Thanksgiving Community Dinner was started by HIV/AIDS activist Scott Carlson back in the early ‘80s to provide a communal gathering for people living with HIV/AIDS during Thanksgiving to share a meal and spend time with people who cared. When Carlson passed away, the community banded together and continued this tradition. Former Empress and City Commissioner Julia “Jhigs” Legaspi dedicated herself every year to make sure that the Court provided substantial financial and volunteer support to ensure that the dinner is always a festive and memorable affair. In 2004, the Imperial Court, along with the First Unitarian Universalist Church, took over the lead role of securing the continuation of this wonderful tradition and named the event as the Scott Carlson Thanksgiving Community Dinner in his Carlson’s honor. This year we are looking to serve over 400 people, so if you can find it in your hearts to share your day with us and help those in Need we Greatly Appreciate it...Please Contact Emperor Robert @ (619) 817-9926 or Empress Pearl @ (619) 737-7326

Wednesday, November 26 (Fourth Wednesday of each month), 7PM:  FMSD Hands-On Demo Night.  Hosted by Cobi, who says: FOOT PLAY will be the topic for our next Hands-On Demo Night!  This Demo will include proper care and maintenance of feet, foot play and worship as well as stomping techniques.

Wednesday, December 3 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesday of each month), 7PM: FMSD Men's Discussion at Mission Gathering. Come to a quiet, safe and welcoming space, where we can talk about stuff that matters, learn from each other, and build new friendships outside of a noisy bar!

From Blair: The Class will be "Pups N Handlers" and will be guided by our very own Brett & Collar Bri and also leatherboy Ron Brundige LeatherAlpha and GladiatorDog Nikita. Followed by an Evening of Pup Play over at the Eagle Afterwards. If you have any interest in Pup play as a Pup or Handler, you WON'T want to miss this one!!

Followed by...

Wednesday, December 3 (first Wednesday of each month), 9PM: Puppy Night @ San Diego Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way.

Thursday, December 4 (first and third Thursday of each month), 10pm: Yellow Hankie Social Night @ the San Diego Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way


Saturday, December 6 (first Saturday of each month), 3-7PM: Cigars & Boots at Numbers Bar - we've changed the location, so that we can support Eli's event… (see below)

Saturday, December 6, 3-6pm at NUM3ERS Nightclub, 3811 Park Blvd, San Diego, California 92103

From Mr. San Diego Leather 2013 Eli Correa:

Have you ever wondered what a jock smells like that, has been all used up by someone you always thought was hot?

Well, join us as we auction off jocks from some of the hottest leather men around. These men have been getting the jocks all nice and ripe just for you.

SPORTS GEAR ENCOURAGED, but make sure you are street legal.

We have men like Andy Cross, Eric Paul Leue, Chuck MrMichigan-Leather, Jay Heimbach, Keith Johnson, Matthew Mullins, Dan Lovell, and more that have donated their jocks. So bring your money and we'll bring the goods. It is also Bear Night later on, so grab a bite then come back ready to dance your ass off.

WHY: To help get our Mr. San Diego Leather 2013/2014 Eli Correa to IML, compete, and ensure he has the funds to focus on winning.

From Cobi:

Saturday, December 6 from 7-9: Club X is hosting a Kinky Swap Meet at Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest. This is a chance to sell or trade your toys that have been collecting dust. Pick up something new for yourself, or do your holiday shopping for your kinky loved ones. Let me know if you have things to sell and want a table, at Sdbusdrivers

Please note that this event is taking place in lieu of the December X-plore, normally held the First Saturday of each month.

18+ Event

"Kink-friendly Holiday Shopping on a budget"

Nothing to get in; item purchases are negotiated individually

Dress code:
Street legal, with holiday flair

Everyone's got one or two, some of have many... you know, those toys we bought with excitement and then ended up not using very much. They take up space in our closets, our dungeons, our toybags.

Then again, perhaps you MAKE toys or other kink-friendly products... handcrafted items built with great love and care to be used on others who love and care about those who love and care to use things sadistically.

Maybe you're in an altogether different category... the category of people who realize that kink ain't cheap, and any chance we have to get some quality gear at a savings is a blessing. (Well, it's a blessing for the tops... sometimes a nightmare for the bottoms!) ;)

Regardless of whether you're looking to buy, sell, or trade, Club X is opening the doors of the Joyce Beers center on December 6th from 7-9pm for you to get some of your holiday shopping completed early. If you've got locally handcrafted items, or gently used (and cleaned) toys you'd like to sell, we will have tables available for you to lay them out on.

Please email info to let us know that you'd like to sell items, so that we can plan an appropriate amount of space.

Note: Don't bring boxes of mass-produced "made in China" gear and set up a retail shop. We'll ask you to leave. This event is for used toy selling/trading, and locally handcrafted items made by those in our community.


Saturday, December 6 (first Saturday of each month), 10PM: BearNight Dance @ Numbers Bar,  3811 Park Blvd.

Sunday, December 7, 3-6pm: Teddy Bear Fundraiser for Special Delivery at THE HOLE

Join Bears San Diego for a Christmas fundraiser at The Hole, located at 2820 Lytton Street in Point Loma, to raise money to buy Teddy Bears for the clients of Special Delivery.

Come on out and help us share holiday cheer to those less fortunate!

Wednesday, December 10 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesday of each month), 7PM: FMSD Men's Discussion at Mission Gathering. Come to a quiet, safe and welcoming space, where we can talk about stuff that matters, learn from each other, and build new friendships outside of a noisy bar!

Thursday, December 11 (second Thursday of each month), 9PM; Red Hankie Social Night @ the Eagle, @ 3040 N Park Way.

Friday, December 12 (second Friday of each month), 10PM:  Harness Party @ Numbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd.

Saturday, December 13, 6-9:30PM, at 936 Florida Street, Imperial Beach CA 91932.

From Donnie: As The New Mr. So Cal Bear 2014 I wanted to help out My Friends in the Imperial Court de San Diego with their Annual Toy Drive and Collection of Supplies for Those in Need to Have a Happy Holiday Season.

Join Me and My Family and Friends as We Celebrate My 40th Birthday on December 13, 2014.

There will be Food, Drinks, and More.

Bring a New/Unwrapped Toy or Baby Supplies because those are always needed. (If You can't do that then I am asking for a Cash donation at the Door)

Come on Down to Imperial Beach and Let's Celebrate.

Wednesday, December 17 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesday of each month), 7PM: FMSD Men's Discussion at Mission Gathering. Come to a quiet, safe and welcoming space, where we can talk about stuff that matters, learn from each other, and build new friendships outside of a noisy bar!

Thursday, December 18, 7-9pm: Kink Invasion! With Sarge, Ms. San Diego Leather 2014-15.

at S&M Sausage & Meat, 4130 Park Blvd, San Diego, California 92103 (just south of El Cajon Boulevard).

Kinky at heart? Join this gathering of the foodies for good fun and good people! Wear your gear (fetish/leather/etc) but it must be street legal. This is a free event to attend! Dinner will be up to what you want to buy. We will have some raffle prizes and other fun things to do if you just want to hang out! This place is super good if you're a meet eater! Let's get all the groups together for this event! Please invite anyone else too! No discrimination at any of my events: gay, straight, bi, trans, queer, leather, rubber, fetish, kinky, ALL ARE WELCOME!

Thursday, December 18 (first and third Thursday of each month), 10pm: Yellow Hankie Social Night @ the San Diego Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way

Wednesday, December 24 (Fourth Wednesday of each month), 7PM:  FMSD Hands-On Demo Night.

January 8-11: Mr. Phoenix Leather 2015 Weekend.

Join us for the seventh annual Mr. Phoenix Leather Contest Weekend, which includes all the wonderful events you've come to expect from the Mr. Phoenix Leather staff, and some new events added just this year!

- Thursday 7pm   Smoking Hot Undies Cigar Social: Meet the contestants, judges, and staff at the Bunkhouse's Famous Thursday Undies night with drink specials in Undies, a non-judged social event!

- Friday 7pm   Meet and Greet*: Get your first glimpse of the contestants on stage, and meet the judges as we meet everyone and get ready for the infamous bus tour!

- Friday 9pm  Tim Starkey Memorial Bus Tour: The infamous bus tour, celebrate the MPL Partners by patronizing their bars. What happens in the back of the bus stays in the back of the bus!  (be aware, space is limited, check ticket site for availability)

- Saturday  2pm   Leather Happy Hour: The calm in the center of the storm, socialize with MPL Staff, Contestants and Judges for happy hour before the contest

- Saturday  6-10pm   Mr. Phoenix Leather Contest*: ANNOUNCING THE HOST HOTEL! Join us at Embassy Suites Phoenix Airport for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres before the contest itself!
Special rates for those attending MPL....hotel Phone: 1 602 957 1910

- Saturday  10pm-2am  Parking Lot Party: Join us as we expand the range of Anvil with a parking lot party featuring vendors, hot music, and hot leather men!

- Sunday 11am   Bacongate Brunch: See what salacious bacon controversy can be contrived this year at our annual victory brunch!

- Sunday 2pm   Victory Party: Burgers and Beer Bust! Join us for the annual victory party celebrating our seventh Mr. Phoenix Leather!

*Indicates ASL Interpreted for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

January 16-19, 2015: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend is a three-day long party and event with participants that now number in the thousands. The heart of the weekend is the historic leather formal Saturday evening cocktail social, Leather Cocktails. Leather Cocktails is the weekend lynchpin gathering from which all other weekend events evolved.

The Weekend also includes official events organized by weekend hosts, Centaur MC that include a bustling Leather Exhibit Hall; Sunday brunch; Mr. MAL Contest and the official Sunday night closing party, REACTION. In addition, Weekend hosts provide hotel space for what has evolved into a huge leather-loving community and affinity annual reunion. Weekend participants may purchase a full weekend package that includes access to all events. Tickets to a few select events are sold separately.

April 17-19: Leather H.E.A.T. " Honorably Embracing All Tribes" 2015, Los Angeles, CA

"With great time and planning comes amazing things!"

Here is a chance to come to Los Angeles California for a vacation and what other better reason than a HOT Leather event.

Leather H.E.A.T

“Honorably Embracing All Tribes”

Los Angeles, CA
April 17-19 2015

Beautifully and fully remodeled AirTel Plaza & Conference Center
7277 ValjeanAve. Van Nuys, CA 91406

Early Bird Cost: $149 per person
Formal Dinner & Sunday Breakfast Included with Laura Antoniou

Our Premiere Presenters:
Laura Antoniou
Race Bannon,
Guy Baldwin
Patrick Mulcahey & patrick
Master Skip & slave rick
Master Jim & slave Marsha
Master David Walker
slave raven
Mark Frazier
Master Rick & slave tina
Catherine Gross
Daddy Crone
Olga & boi blu
Karen Yew
Renegade & Team Fluffy
Master George & slave bren
Shelly Sin & Dr Peter
Mistress Melissa
The Lady C

Our Emcees: Leatherati’s Loren & Alex

Cigar Social/ SCLM/S Step-down Reception
SoCal Leather Master/slave Contest
SoCal Leather Bootblack Contest
Formal/Leather Dinner
Breakfast w/Laura Antoniou
Leather Women Photographic Exhibit
Tom Of Finland Exhibit
40 classes , 3 tracks- SM/Leather/Relationships
Steaming hot "Vendor Alley"

Rooms: $95.00 per night
Room rates are available longer if you plan to vacation here!

Book your room NOW and Register!


May 22-24: International Mr. Leather Contest Weekend in Chicago.

Let's support our own Mr. San Diego Leather Eli as he runs for the title.  Tickets are now available.

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