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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fetish Family Feast Gear Invasion - 25 Nov '15

San Diego, CA (Hillcrest)
Wednesday, 25 November, 7pm

Fetish Family Feast Gear Invasion

Let’s get together as a leather kinky family and be grateful for each other and our kink. It’s a gear invasion too. Get dressed up and come on down for pizza and beer (or any beverage of your choice) It’s time for socializing, camaraderie, and fun. Hope to see you there.

Hillcrest Brewing Company 
1458 University Ave San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 269-4323

The World’s First “Out and Proud LGBT Brewery” is located next door to the iconic Hillcrest Pride Flag. 

San Diego, CA (North Park)

Saturday, 28 November, 7PM: LEATHER DISCO TRADE

Held at the Sunset Temple (3911 Kansas St, San Diego, CA 92104)
Cover is $15 -  Doors open at 7pm, entertainment starts at 8pm

**Proceeds benefit the NEW Mr. San Diego Eagle Scholarship Fund

It was Jan 1970 something when “Saturday night” by the Bay City Rollers was number 1 on the charts, a year where you couldn’t get the theme song from S.W.A.T. out of your head.  Disco was rounding out a century marked in decadence. 

The Leather Community in Chicago had a contest held at a local Leather bar, the Gold Coast had seen John Lunning becomes Mr. Gold Coast, the first leather titleholder. Leather Bars popped up places like the Bootcamp in San Francisco, DC Eagle, The Ramrod in Phoenix, the Stockade in NYC and the 247 in Philadelphia.  Also in the 1970’s John Embry, Alternate Publishing, began publication of Drummer magazine. It was an era marked with achievements.

 Now 35 years later Disco is being re-envisioned and has had an epic comeback. Leather Disco Trade will be bringing back this golden area of decadence channeling the feel and look of a Disco Club. For one night only the Sunset Temple will be transformed into the hottest Leather Disco Socal has scene in 35 years!

Featuring Local Disco Divas and DJ’s from within the greater San Diego Fetish Community.  Silent auction items and raffle prizes all night! This is one event that is sure to mark our history.
Within every great event is a great cause. Something that drives the forces that be together this year as Producer of Leather Disco Trade and Mr. San Diego Eagle 2015 Jay Heimbach has dedicated the entire night to raising money for a new Pansexual Scholarship opportunity for San Diego Leather/Fetish/Kink Community.

This Scholarship is aimed at anyone that needs assistance to better his or her life through education. No matter their choice of studies.  The Mr. San Diego Eagle Scholarship or (M.E.S.D.) is awarded during every Mr. San Diego Eagle Contest.

For more info please contact Mr. San Diego Eagle 2015 Jay Heimbach (619) 764-9457

*Producers Note: Since as long as I can remember and as far back as I searched I have found evidence of the great things that the Leather communities around the country and world have done. Leather Communities have shaped and encouraged the youth of today, leaders of tomorrow to participate and be positive role models. 

I have found evidence of selfless acts gone untold of leather communities coming together to provide and support organizations some that exist here in our own city of San Diego. Leather Disco Trade is My gift back to the community my chance to put something out there to help give back to those that have done already so much. As Mr. San Diego Eagle 2015 it’s my turn to give back and the New Mr. San Diego Eagle Scholarship fund is that opportunity. So please come out for a night full of awe-inspiring disco dreams and help raise money for our community.

San Diego, CA (Hillcrest)
Saturday, 5 December, 7PM:
Kinky San Diego Inter-Club Holiday Party.
Location: Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont St., San Diego, CA, 92103 (Ralph's and Trader Joe's shopping center by Panera Bread) 

Yes believe it or not it's that time of year again when the kinky San Diego clubs team up and bring back the inner-club holiday party. (YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF A CLUB OR GROUP TO ATTEND)

Mark your calendars! Dec 5th, 7:00-9:00 PM is the Inter-club Holiday Party at the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest. 

We have an amazing line up of delightful delectable treats for you! Including: Sweet baked munchies, and cookies of all sorts and some "healthier fare" as well. Of course everyone is encouraged to bring a little something to share. 

Santa Claus will be in attendance and available for you to take personal pictures with your cameras! 

A fun filled RAFFLE with the proceeds going to a local charity (Charity still be announced) 
Raffle Items: 
* 2 leather scented bath sets - from Broomsticks 
* Basket of Passion Goodies- from Passion Parties by Janet 
* BDSM themed books- from The Kinky Lending Library 
* Merchandise Goodies- from Club X * Leather Goods- From Clovis 

Thank you for donating to the raffle! 

If you would like to donate a raffle item please send a note to[ _bun_e_][] with your raffle item and you'll be recognized here and at the party. 

The Party just keeps getting better and better!! 

Look at who's attending: 
* [Slash Riders of San Diego][
* [All Tied Up San Diego][
* [Little Scouts Troop: San Diego][
* [Submissive Voice][

Remember, everyone is welcome to join in this relaxed evening of socializing; celebrating the season together with friends and family. Hope to see everyone there!

San Diego, CA (Mission Valley)
Saturday, 19 December, 7PM: FMSD Men's Discussion at The Stomping Ground San Diego.

Club X X-Treme workshop/play party: Hook Pull

Our Leather Brothers and Sisters at Club X San Diego ( are offering a Hook Pull at their eXtreme workshop Saturday, December 19, 2015 · 6:00 PM - 9:00pm followed by a play party from 9:00pm – 1:00 AM.

More info about the Club X workshop follows the break.

Why would I want to go learn about and see this much less have it done to me? For some native tribes, body suspension was a rite of passage. Now, for some, it's a sort of, "If I can do this, I can do anything," attitude.

The article in The Atlantic provides more information and a link to a video of a woman being suspended on four occasions.


You've asked for it, and we've pulled together (see what we did there?) another incredible team to bring you an amazing Hook Pull experience.

If you attended our previous "X-Treme" workshops, you've got an idea of what's in store. If not, here's a basic breakdown of the evening:

This will be a 3-hour workshop followed by a 4-hour play session (specifically, a Hook Pull), limited to 80 total participants at a venue in San Diego. The main room is over 2500 square feet, with 2 side rooms available as well as an outdoor patio. During the Hook Pull session from 9pm to 1am, one side room will be reserved for relaxing and socializing. All other areas of the space will be dedicated to ritualistic temporary piercing.


At our last Xtreme Hook Pull, many people asked for the added ability to suspend their entire bodies on their hooks. We have enlisted Stay Classy Suspensions to facilitate this for this year's event.
Please note that because of the extra gear including specialized hooks, safety personnel, and rigging required to make each suspension as safe as possible, there is a $100 surcharge to fly, please plan on bringing cash to pay Stay Classy Suspensions at the event.

Workshop breakdown:
You arrive at/near 5:30pm, sign waivers and other paperwork, and grab a seat. Workshop begins promptly at 6:00pm.

The first 30 minutes will consist of presenter introduction and general discussion about the evening, with all attendees in the main room. During this, participants are split into three groups before being sent to focus group areas. The Focus group areas are:

Area 1: Side Room: Mike "Tatts" Martin and Duke -- Demo: Flesh Hooks and other temporary ritualistic piercing

Area 2: Main Room: Will "Danger" Robinson -- Hook Suspensions and other Extremes

Area 3: Backstage Discussion: Nightgaunt and Starchild facilitate "'Why?' The energy and ritual of BDSM piercing"

Participants are given 40 minutes in each area, and then rotate to the next. This provides a more unique experience compared to a "standard" 2-hour workshop sitting in one chair listening/watching one presenter.

After the final session, everyone will rejoin in the main room for a brief wrap-up of the workshop portion, and the ritualistic opening of the hook pull by the evening's shaman, Tommie Starchild.
Nightgaunt will be leading a tribal drum circle to set the mood and guide intensity throughout the remaining 4 hours of play. At this time the suspension area will be open for those wishing to purchase this option and will remain open for the remainder of the evening.

Ticketing notes:
Club X Member $40
Non-Member $50
Suspension surcharge: $100 (paid at event)

Due to the increased costs associated with this event, any requested ticket refunds will incur a $15 service charge.

During ticket purchasing, indicate whether or not you intend to fly (for planning purposes), and bring cash to pay Stay Classy Suspensions when you arrive. They will have a list at the event with everyone who pre-signed. Additionally, their team is working as a vendor, so you can purchase this service at the event if you choose. This allows people to make the decision to fly at the event, provided space and time allow.


Limited photography will be conducted at this event by an official Club X photographer. This may include photographing people during their suspensions or other intense moments. No personal cameras will be allowed within the playspace, and no one will be photographed without their explicit consent. Images recorded will be for the sole use of the participants.

Light hors d'oeuvres, water, and coffee will be provided and are included in your ticket price. We recommend eating a late lunch before arriving at the venue, and planning a late-night meal to replenish yourself after the event.

Can't wait to get your tickets? Buy online TODAY through Eventbrite (

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