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Friday, February 3, 2017

Why Knot? - FMSD Discussion

Doriam Manuel Couto invites you:

Thursday, February 9 at 7 PM - 10 PM

Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont St, San Diego, California 92103

An image from a past FMSD discussion.

Join us on February 9th at Joyce Beers Community Center from 7:00pm to 9:00pm as we reinvent our Discussion Group format.

This discussion feeds into our skills workshop later this month - G-ROPE (Gents in Rope)!

We'll be discussing the nuances involved with tying male bodies, techniques that are essential for safe play, and answering all of your questions about rope bondage before our workshop on the 22nd. Use this time to ask your questions, meet other men interested in this form of play, and share your experiences!

The discussion will be co-led by Doriam and Jerry, and a small panel of other riggers prominent in the Rope Community of San Diego.

Gents in Rope (G-ROPE)! An FMSD Workshop

Doriam Manuel Couto invited you:

Wednesday, February 22 at 7 PM - 9 PM

Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont St, San Diego, California 92103

Cost: $5 suggested donation

An image from a past FMSD rope workshop.

You've asked your questions, and I'm sure you have many more! Join us at Joyce Beers Community Center on February 22 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm for this month's Skill Workshop - G-Rope (Gents in Rope)!

This class will cover two ties and will reserve approximately 1.5 hours for practice time and Q&A.

If you have someone you intend to play with, great! If not, please show up with an attitude of Brotherhood, and a willingness to fumble alongside your fellow brothers. We were all new once, so let's support one another and enjoy learning to tie something more than our boots!

Never tied anything besides your laces? Never seen a piece of rope in your life? Never fear, please reference the Q&A below!

• What should I bring?

1. Yourself & Your ID
2. Rope-friendly clothing (Nothing too lose or too restrictive)
3. A friend (because it's always better that way!)
4. Rope
5. Safety Scissors/Seatbelt Cutter

• What if I am brand new?

We understand that most people will be new; if you are interested in tying please review this video, covering how to tie a Somerville Bowline. If you are interested in being tied, we still recommend you know how to tie and identify this safety knot.

• Where can I buy rope?

For starter rope, we recommend nylon and you can find bundles of Nylon Rope at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc. We will also have bundles of rope available for purchase at the event. For this event, we recommend 4 lengths of 25'-30'.

• Can I bring regular scissors?

Please don't. Surgical scissors and seatbelt cutters are ideal for this type of play in the case of an emergency. Rope is replacable, people are not.

• What if I don't have a partner to tie with?

We ask that all attendees come with the willingness to tie and be tied by someone they may not know for the sake of education. We will also try to have experienced Riggers and Rabbits available.

• Where does the donation go?

None of the proceeds go to our leadership or instructors. Instead, proceeds go right back in to future events, workshops, and classes.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Events For This Weekend: FMSD Planning Meeting

Monday, January 16th, 7-9PM, at Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest, near Ralph's Supermarket:

Fetish Men San Diego is hosting our planning meeting to codify the schedule of events for the next quarter.

Fetish Men San Diego is primarily a group of male-identifying kinksters who are looking for brotherhood, a social space, and interaction. This will be your chance to meet our new leadership team and have your voice and interests be heard.

We welcome your attendance and support in our growth. Come join us in establishing the future of FMSD.

Events For This Weekend: HARNESS

Friday, January 13th, 10PM, at Numbers Bar:


Every month, we have a kink gay men's cruising party, designed to entertain, and to mix the generations together.  Expect to see some demos of kinky behaviors, by well-respected practitioners!

Here are some photos from previous HARNESS events, where the men of FMSD have always been made very welcome:

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Events This Weekend

From Papa Tony:  Now that the holidays are behind us, local events are starting up again.  We have two events (at least) this weekend, with many, many more on the way.  Doriam has been setting up the social calendar for the last few weeks, and he'll have plenty to say about that, soon.

Flogging Friday at the Eagle: Friday, January 6, 9PM:

The best Flogging Tops will be at the Eagle this Friday, and throwing floggers around.  Come be a part of the fun, because you will be in very safe hands!

Cigars & Boots @ Redwing on the patio, Saturday, January 7, 4-7PM:

Doriam, with Pup Rubble

There will be quite a crowd on the patio, for several reasons:

- There will be a fundraiser for the Mr. Drummer Travel Fund, with pies being pushed into the faces of folks who you might know quite well (I'm one of them).  It's all good fun, and…

- This will be the general public's first chance to meet up with Doriam, who is taking over the reins of running FetishMenSanDiego.  He's a great guy, and needs to know who is willing to support him in his many dreams for the group's future.

Come on out!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Leather Fetish Ball, Early-Bird Special Price

From Papa Tony:

Friday, March 17, 2017:

Every year, there is a superb, huge event that really kicks off the social season for the year.  The Leather Fetish Ball is WORTH ATTENDING! The image above this gives the salient details for the 2017 show.  This time around, it has been timed to coincide with the all-new version of the annual San Diego Leather Pride celebration.

Here is the Facebook page link for the Leather Fetish Ball  and the shopping cart, and I predict that it will sell out, so order early!

Every year, there are superb entertainers, huge crowds, and it just flows so beautifully.  This is a GREAT opportunity to dress to impress!  Here is a tiny, tiny fraction of the images from previous years.  It really is this wonderful!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Introducing Doriam Couto

Introducing Doriam Couto:

Ever since my energies and ideas have wound down, I have searched for a man who could bring NEW energy and ideas to the huge FMSD social circle. 

As we enter into 2017, a new face has arrived among us. Doriam Manuel Couto reminds me very much of myself, waaaay back when I first stepped into being a community leader, when I was around the same age as he is now. 

He is passionate, idealistic, full of deeply practical ideas, and with deep and razor-sharp insight.  I trust him completely. 

Like me, he has taken the Meyers-Briggs personality test, with a very similar result.  We are rare. Not everyone "gets" us, but oh, my - we get results. 

So, expect to hear a lot from him in the coming months.  But, FAR more importantly:

As a personal favor to me, please support him, and show up for his events. Love him with an open heart, please. This is crucial. I could name a hundred men who rose up, expended a huge amount of idealistic energy, and who then dropped away when they didn't get the loving support that we owe to our youth. 

Let's all stand shoulder-to-shoulder so that this young powerhouse can stand upon our shoulders. Don't pre-judge him by his age, or his Facebook profile. I know the rest of him. Please trust that I have spent solid time getting to know him, and I absolutely vouch for all of his many virtues. 

He is a refreshing breath of oxygen for the community of kinky men in San Diego.  You haven't seen his lists of rock-solid plans going forward, but I have, and I can't think of any way to improve upon them. 

Doriam is the Real Deal.  Welcome to our good brother!