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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DOUBLE PUPPY NIGHT in San Diego, Wednesday, February 5th

Wednesday, February 5th, 7-9PM

Eighteen and up.

This is the kickoff event for FetishMenSanDiego's new meeting space:

Mission Gathering (at the corner of Polk and Illinois in North Park, right by the juncture of highway 805 and El Cajon Blvd). Try to get there early - parking is TERRIBLE in the neighborhood!
3090 Polk Ave
San Diego CA 92104-2633
Map Link

The wonderful pups and handlers of San Diego Puppy Patrol will be our special guests, teaching us what the Puppy Play phenomenon is all about.  This event will be moderated by Alpha Pup Nikita, our youngest member.

Our special guest will be our local brother RubberDawg himself, who manufactures those kick-ass puppy heads!

After the discussion, we will all head off to PUPPY NIGHT at the San Diego Eagle, hosted by our brother Jay, who is a dynamic leader and a great guy!

Upcoming Events

The purpose of this listing is to provide a one-stop, unbiased and reasonably complete listing of events that would attract gay FetishMen in and around the San Diego area.  It is meant to be spread as widely as possible, so that folks inside and outside Facebook have free access.

Please follow the standard reference for events listings:

If you post your event, it will be sent out via email each week, after being edited for appropriateness and completeness.

                          ======= NEWS YOU CAN USE=======


It's almost time to make the full announcement (we are in final negotiations for use of the new space), but here are a few teaser details to keep everybody in the loop:

If all goes well, our first discussion topic at the new space will be “Puppy Night” at 7PM on Wednesday, February 5th, moderated by Pup Nikita, our youngest member.  The Puppy movement has taken over the younger generation these days, and it is a wonderful trend, based upon friskiness, interaction, self-expression and approval, which are things that we all crave very much in an Internet-isolated age.

Then, afterward, we will all head over to the Eagle nearby for a great time at Puppy Night, hosted by our own Jay Heimbach, the best-possible party impresario!



Jim Neuman here, at bbdeputychief ......looking for folks with size 8-9(1/2?) feet.  You, or someone you might know?....please read on.

As you may or may not know, I am the Survivor Trustee of the estate of the late Mel Saddler (BOOTMANMEL).  Mel has left me with the duty of disposing of his sizable collection of Wesco/Whites/Chippewa/etc. boots to those in the boot community who can fit into them.  I will shortly be arranging a sale.....likely in the home of Robert Green in Atwater Village near Silverlake, the very near future.  In preparation, and before posting them for sale on various boot websites and then finally to ebay, I would like to give local guys first crack at the boots.  Mel had about an 8-1/2 size foot but some of the boots are marked as 9D.  Also, since many are lace-ups and mostly well worn, they are somewhat forgiving as to size....perhaps even to fit a 9-1/2 person.  I am presently gathering the email addresses of those who might be interested.  Please reply to get your name on the list for the announcement of when and where.  Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.  Thanks, Jim Neuman.




Underwear Contest Photos, January 25, 2014:

                       ======= UPCOMING EVENTS=======

Wednesday, January 29, 7PM FMSD DEMO NIGHT (HOST: Daddy Ron Brundige & Family)
Featured Fetish:  ʅ Sounding ʃ
We will also be doing Spanking, Paddling, Flogging, and Hot Wax

Daddy Ron's Leather, Bear, and Pup Realm
1477 Lavant Lane #2
Chula Vista, CA 91913


Friday, January 31: 5th Friday Men's Beat and Greet


Saturday, February 1,  4-7PM: Cigars & Boots at Bourbon Street at 4612 Park Blvd - Relaxed, happy, comfortable, serene. Pure brotherhood. Please come out and join us whether you are a seasoned smoker, or curious to learn (first Saturday of each month.


Saturday, February 1,  10PM: BearNight Dance @ Numbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd. (First Saturday of each month). LOTS of leathermen attend this cruisy event.


Saturday, February 1, 9PM: Eagle LA Mr. Leather @ Eagle LA


Sunday, February 2nd, 2:30 - 800pm: FMSD SUPERBOWL party at Mr. Mark's house in La Costa area.


Feb 13-17: International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs

The first annual International Bear Convergence Weekend.

Friday, February 14, 10pm-2am: HARNESS ....presents LEATHER and BEAR TITLE HOLDERS EVENT

CUB CLUB SD and HARNESS are honoring The Leather and Bear communities and their TITLE HOLDERS.....ALL TITLE HOLDERS PAST AND PRESENT will get free cover until 11pm....There will be drink specials just for THE TITLE HOLDERS as well! SPIKE TRANC will be on the Smokers Patio selling CIGARS!!!!!!!


Friday, February 14, 9PM: Mr. SoCal Leather @ Eagle LA


Saturday, February 15, 9PM: Mr. Bullet Leather 2014 @ The Bullet Bar


February 20 to 23, Mr. San Diego Eagle 2014 Contest

Mr. San Diego Eagle 2014 Contest Will Be Bigger Than Ever:


March 22-30, 2014: Los Angeles Leather Pride


Saturday, March 29th: Mr. San Diego Bear 2014 Contest

More details as the arrive.


April 5-6: Phoenix Pride, with the parade on SATURDAY, April 5th.


Tuesday, May 13, 8PM-2AM, First Annual San Diego Bartenders Bash Fundraiser

The First Annual San Diego Bartenders Bash will be an annual celebration for all those that tend/work in a bar and for those bar flies that keep us happy.  Very Casual, PURPLE ATTIRE SUGGESTED !!!  Vendors with samples and giveaways TBA! Proceeds from the cover charge will be donated to charity.


May 17-18: Long Beach Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY May 18.


May 23-26: International Mr. Leather 2014 Contest in Chicago


June 6-8: Los Angeles Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, June 8.


June 12-14: FistFest West


June 13-15 - All Male Butchmanns Experience, Phoenix, AZ


Saturday, June 21, 6PM-Midnight: SoCal LeatherSIR, Leatherboy, Community Bootblack & Puppy Contest, at Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center, 3925 Ohio St., San Diego, California 92104 (one block north of the Eagle)


June 28-29: San Francisco Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, June 29.


July 11-13: Wet ’n Hot Weekend in Palm Springs. Over 500 sexy, attitude-free guys will descend upon an underground location in Palm Springs for a weekend filled with uninhibited pig play, brotherhood and fun. It’s the Biggest Piss Party on the Planet, and it’s unlike anything else that you’ve ever experienced


July 18-20: San Diego Pride, with the parade on SATURDAY, July 19, and the Leather Realm on Saturday and Sunday.


Sunday, July 27: Up Your Alley Street Fair in San Francisco


July 30-Aug 4: Lazy Bear Weekend in Guerneville, California


September 5-6: Las Vegas Pride, with the parade at NIGHT, from 7-10PM, on SATURDAY, Sep. 5.


Sunday, Sep 21: Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco


October 18-19: Bearquake in San Diego. BearQuake grew out of an idea of forming an alliance between the various clubs in Southern California and elsewhere. A "Bear Weekend" was planned where we could all get together and get to know each other. A contest was also held for Mr. So Cal Bear and Cub. The success of that first event opened the door to future gatherings which has become "BearQuake".


October 30 - November 2: Desert Leather Pride in Palm Springs

Note: This is a BIG CHANGE in the scheduling, since this usually happens on the SECOND weekend of the month  - Make a note of it!

Here are pics from last year:


Nov. 7-9: Palm Springs Gay Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, Nov. 9

5th Friday Men's Beat and Greet: Friday, January 31

Friday, January 31, 8:30 pm - 1:00 am -- Doors close at 10:30pm!

Hosted by Bryan Teague - American Leatherboy 2010,  Mike
Underwood and PuP

Downtown San Diego Dungeon - Email for information - addresses below.

The Friday Beat and Greet is usually held on the 3rd and 5th Fridays
each month - 3rd Fridays open to all, 5th Fridays for men only

This event is open to people age 18 and above.

Soft drinks and water will be available at the dungeon, we are asking
for $1.00 donation for each drink.

This social/ impact play event is for friendly people who would like to
learn more about flogging, paddling and the like. We'll be demonstrating
techniques on eager volunteers and curing the curiosities of those who
have questions. Nothing too wild, just pleasantly kinky enough to bring
a smile that lasts a while!

Please bring a flogger, paddle, cane or two with you, if you have one.
This will help you learn with your own toys. If you do not have toys,
we do have toys you may use.

Do not be intimidated by coming to a dungeon or being in the night life
of Downtown San Diego, this event is open to all levels of experience,
and beginners are particularly welcome. If you're new to this sort of
thing, you can always trust that you'll end up with a positive
experience. You'll be surrounded by very, very nice folks who have a lot
of expertise and a deep level of trust with each other. We've been doing
this a long time, and we like to share what we now.

This is not your typical BDSM event, it's not a fundraiser, a workshop,
or a class really. Even though teaching and learning will be involved,
Friday Night Beat and Greets are just a pleasant way to share some good
times in a relaxed kinky setting. We all need to get the heck out of the
house once in a while - why not hang out with some folks that enjoy
doing what you enjoy doing?

There is no charge to attend the event, we just ask that you leave any
Attitude outside the door, be playful and open-hearted!

Things to keep in mind for this event:

This event is held in a private space; however, you are responsible for
your own actions at all times. Safety measures will be in place during
the event. Please bring a valid ID and be prepared to sign a liability
form. All information given will be kept confidential.

Because Dungeon Servitus resides within the confines of a residential
and commercial building, we ask that you act and dress appropriately
anywhere outside of the dungeon.

Anyone behaving in a manner that is considered inappropriate will be
asked to leave the property and may not be allowed reentry for future
events. The decisions of the Dungeon Servitus staff and hosts are final.

Please note a few things about the Beat and Greet:
1) The maximum capacity is 50 people. There is a chance you may be asked
to wait until someone leaves before being permitted to enter.

2) In order to allow everyone a chance to try things, we ask that you
limit your time on the play equipment to a short time. If there are
people waiting, we may ask you to wrap up your time on the equipment
after 10 minutes.

3) This is a community event that is hosted by members of the community.
Membership in any club or organization is not required.

For more information about the Beat and Greets, please contact Bryan at

FetishMenSanDiego's Meeting Space at Mission Gathering

Mission Gathering (at the corner of Polk and Illinois in North Park, right by the juncture of highway 805 and El Cajon Blvd)
3090 Polk Ave
San Diego CA 92104-2633
Map Link

Just look for the white Xmas lights overhead!

All ages, eighteen and up.

FetishMenSanDiego members meet on the first, second and third Wednesday of each month from 7-9PM for Men's Discussions. If there is a FIFTH Wednesday in amonth, we will meet here as well.

Thanks to the fine folks at Mission Gathering, we have a safe, welcoming and open meeting-space that is ideal for our needs.

We will continue our ongoing series of discussions that encourage personal and social growth, while building brotherhood, trust and Tribe. These discussions have proven to be an ideal way for the newest members of our community to be welcomed, encouraged, and to start fitting-in with their brothers of all ages, colors, body-styles and experience-levels.

To show our gratitude to Mission Gathering for the use of the space, we will be asking for a purely-optional financial donation of any size, mid-way through the discussion.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Underwear Contest Photos, January 25, 2014

From Papa Tony:

I've decided that I'm going to bring a much better camera to this sort of thing in the future. Too many iPhone photos were thrown away due to blurred movement or lack of focus (if you held still long enough, your pictures turned out better), and I missed an extraordinary number of great shots.

Robb Rodd did a great job of emceeing his final Underwear Night of his title year, as he will be stepping down next month.

The gentleman in the white glasses and the Superman Underoos won!