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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Upcoming Events

I will be out of town for the next couple of weekends. I'm counting on all of you to step up and take over my duties:

- Talk too much, 
- Forget details, and
- Hug a lot!

At Nightmare on Normal Street this last Saturday, it seemed like half of the crowd was dressed like Mormon Missionaries. If they had simply practiced their karate moves, they could have been Mighty Mormon Power Rangers!

On Sunday, Nov. 18, from 4-7PM, there will be a Women's Gear Social at Numbers, at 3811 Park Blvd.  Why would I mention this? Because our sisters are inviting their brothers to gear up and JOIN them for this first event of its kind!  This is the time of year when we have Family Reunion-style events, and this is a breakthrough kind of event for the women of our community.  The men of FMSD get to have these events all of the time, and I hope that this will be a strong, repeating tradition for our female compatriots!

Geared-Up Send-Off Dinner Thursday, November 1

HARNESS Party, Friday, November 9

Meatball Turkey Day Dinner 3: Big, annual fundraiser for the Center, at the Center.

Palm Springs Pride's Fetish in the Outfield is this weekend, and Palm Springs Leather Pride is only a week after that!


Thu. Nov. 1, 7pm: Gear up for a Send-Off Dinner with Leatherboy James, who is heading off to Afghanistan! AThe Range at 1220 University Ave, (in the same block as RICHS)

Thu. Nov. 1, 9-PM-Midnight: Yellow Hankie Social Night at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way. First and Third Thu. of each month.

Fri, Nov. 2, 7-9PM; SDLOG educational event. First Friday of each month. at the Joyce Beers Community Center, by the Aladdin restaurant near Ralph's supermarket on University. Topic this month: Percussion Play - Beyond the Flogger

Sat. Nov. 3, 4-7PM: CIGARS & BOOTS.  Bourbon Street, at 4612 Park Blvd is our new host bar.  This event is now on the first Saturday of every month at our new location, and hosted by Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron, in the center of the picture. Join us for 1/2 priced pitchers of beer and $4.25 Smirnoff cocktails. Don't worry about eating before you come, as the kitchen will be open. Don't forget that Saturday night at Bourbon Street beginning at 7:30pm is the Dream Girls Review. We will have cigars available for purchase. Please come out and join us whether you are a seasoned smoker, or curious to learn.  Here are some reviews.

Sat. Nov. 3, 9PM-2AM; BearNight Dance at Numbers, at 3811 Park Blvd. $5 before 10PM. First Sat. of each month. Lots of leathermen attend this event, and it comes highly recommended… Here are some reviews

Wed. Nov. 7, 7-9PM: MEN'S DISCUSSIONS. This has turned out to be ideal for building friendships by getting to know men outside of the bar/cruising scene. EVERY Wednesday of each month. Past topics: Tips for bottoming for the first time, dealing with excessive religious programming, how to deal with unwelcome attention (without being a jerk), and so on. This is where you can bring your questions and get them answered!

Wed. Nov. 7, 9PM: PUPPY NIGHT at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way, hosted by Dayton O'Connor. First Wed. of each month.

Thu. Nov. 8, 9pm-1am; Red Hankies Social Night at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way. Second Thu. of each month

November 8-11: Palm Springs Leather Pride - Get your VIP tickets soon: they are going fast!

Fri. Nov. 9, 10pm onward: HARNESS Party at Numbers3811 Park Blvd. Flogging, bondage, socializing, dancing! Here is a review of the first one...

Sat. Nov. 10, 9PM onward: UNIFORM NIGHTat the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way. Wear Military Gear or Civil Uniform Gear. Second Sat. of each month.

Wed, Nov. 14, 7PM: Men's Discussion: Every Wednesday of each month. 

Thu. Nov. 15, 9-PM-Midnight: Yellow Hankie Social Night at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way. First and Third Thu. of each month.

Fri. Nov. 16, 8:30PM-1AM: FRIDAY NIGHT BEAT AND GREET, downtown, hosted by Bryan Teague - American Leatherboy 2010, tiger - Ms San Diego Leather 2010, caryl - San Diego's premier Sea Monkey Trainer, and Mike Underwood - San Diego's very own Curmudgeonly teddy bear. Third Fri. of each month. This is a GREAT educational event if you want some hands-on training in a safe environment.

Pics from a few previous STUD Nights.

Fri. Nov. 16, 10:30PM: STUD NIGHT at the Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way. A professional porn actor (Mason Garet, this month) will be interviewed, hand out porn and otherwise entertain the troops.  This night tends to get a bit wild, and the STUD NIGHT in September had a line outside the Eagle until 1:30am!

Sat. Nov 17, 9:30PM-2AM: LL Bear Dance Party @ Rich's, at 1051 University. Third Saturday of each month. Lots of leathermen attend this event. Shirtless with a harness appears to be the dress code! 

Sunday, Nov. 18, from 4-7PM: Women's Gear Sociall at Numbers, at 3811 Park Blvd.  Our sisters are inviting their brothers to gear up and JOIN them for this first event of its kind!  This is the time of year when we have Family Reunion-style events, and this is a breakthrough kind of event for the women of our community.  The men of FMSD get to have these events all of the time, and I hope that this will be a strong, repeating tradition for our female compatriots!

Wed. Nov. 21, 7-9PM: MEN'S DISCUSSIONS. This has turned out to be ideal for building friendships by getting to know men outside of the bar/cruising scene. EVERY Wednesday of each month. 

Thu. Nov. 21: Thanksgiving Day

Fri. Nov. 23, 9PM-1AM: DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way; 4th Fri. of each month. Hosted by Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012 Eli. It's the nicest, friendliest crowd you'll see at a leather bar. Here are a few reviews, if you haven't been to one yet. Dress to impress if you've got the gear, or show us some skin - I promise you'll be glad that you did. Here are some pictures from Oct.FebruaryMarchAprilJune and September. Notice how HAPPY everybody is. You deserve to be that happy too.

Sat. Nov. 24, 10pm: Underwear Party and Contest at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way. Fourth Sat. of each month. Everyone is invited to strip down to those boxers, briefs or "street" legal jocks and join in the fun, you do not have to enter the contest. Although our 1st prize is $100 Cash and 2nd prize is a $25 bar tab., Clothes check opens at 10pm and the contest will be held at midnight. Your evening will be hosted by Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012, Eli

Wed. Nov. 28, 7-9PM: MEN'S DISCUSSIONSThis has turned out to be ideal for building friendships by getting to know men outside of the bar/cruising scene. EVERY Wednesday of each month. The fourth Wednesday is usually set-aside for a hands-on demo/show and tell. More coverage of practical technique. Last one covering FLOGGING was nutsy, guys. So much happiness! This month: SPANKING & PADDLING, ALL LEVELS. Bring toys if you got 'em.

Fri. Nov. 30, 8:30PM-1AM: MEN-ONLY Fri. NIGHT BEAT AND GREET, downtown, hosted by Bryan Teague - American Leatherboy and Mike Underwood - San Diego's very own Curmudgeonly teddy bear. The Men-Only version is on the FIFTH Fri. of each month, such as Nov 30 of 2012, and Mar 29, May 31, Aug 30 and Nov 29 of 2013. There will be hands-on training for folks who want to learn from experts in a very safe environment.

Sun. Dec. 2, 5-9PM: Third annual Meatball Turkey Day Dinner. Big social event, strongly recommended.  Gear up and meet new friends that you're going to want to know more about for 2013!

Percussion Play - Beyond the Flogger

Joyce Beers Center
1230 Cleveland St
San Diego, Ca

Please park in the underground structure under Trader Joes. There is a limit for the above ground parking lot, and they do tow!

This meeting is open to all non-members. $5 suggested donation

SDLOG is proud to present:

Percussion Play - Beyond the Flogger

Join us as we explore different forms of Percussion Play. We will review, discuss and demonstrate other forms of Percussion Play from "the normal" such as canes, paddles and straps to the equipment we were born with, Hands, fists, and feet for slapping, punching and kicking. We will discuss aspects of Percussion Play for those on a budget utilizing items that you can purchase at a dollar store, to items you can find at Home Depot. Remember, when it comes to Percussion Play, your imagination is the limit!

Presenter Bios:

Frank Rogers

Frank started his leather journey in 2010 after several varieties of relationships. He has worked with various groups to help out as needed such as the San Diego League of Gentlemen, Beat and Greet and San Diego Leather Realm. He has assisted with several presentations in the San Diego and LA communities. Frank has grown quickly in his SM play, and enjoys some forms of heavy scenes.

Bryan Teague

Bryan, American Leatherboy 2010 and Mr San Diego Leather 2009, has been involved in the Leather Community since 1990. He and his Daddy have been active in the local community since they moved to San Diego in 2006. In addition to being collared to Mike, he owns his puppy Scooby, and is very happy having a brother and partner in crime (aka torturing Daddy) in Frank. Bryan has presented workshops on Fisting, Flogging, Piercing, Electricity, and Daddy/boy relationships.

Bryan Teague
Romp San Diego - Aug 24-26, 2012
Producer - San Diego Leather Pride / ROMP SD
American Leatherboy 2010
Mr San Diego Leather 2009
Mama's Noselicker

Meatball Turkey Day Dinner 3

Note from Tony: As you can guess from the title, this is the third annual fundraiser dinner that is one of the the last big Social Events of the Season before we dive into Holiday Party Hell. The food is always SUPERB and plentiful (the turkey is always moist and perfectly prepared), the crowds are congenial, and if you aspire to be better-connected in the community, these are the folks you want to come and meet.


Sunday, December 2, 2012, 5-9PM at The Center, at 3909 Centre Street.

Meatball Turkey Day Dinner 3, presented by Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 - Aaron Duke and your hostess, Glitz Glam.

ALL proceeds from ticket sales and raffle tickets will benefit the Center's Youth and Senior Services. ALL Proceeds from the bar will go to benefit the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association San Diego Chapter.

PRE-SALE TICKETS ARE ON SALE Saturday, November 3, 2012 through Saturday, December 1, 2012

- VIP Cocktail Party from 5pm-6pm
- Hors d'oeuvre
- 1 FREE drink coupon
- VIP seating for the dinner and show
- Be first in line for dinner service
- 1 FREE ticket for raffle prizes

Regular Tickets $20 Pre-Sale and $30 at the Door.

Tickets can be purchased through The Crypt, Aaron Duke, Glitz Glam, or Matthew Walker.

Special entertainers from around Southern California for the evening include:

Glitz Glam
Daisy Deadpetals
Disco Dollie
LaDonna Monroe
Naomi Fiercee
Cassidy Richards
Diasy Torres
Jessica D,Nalga
Celeste Star
Lady Vajayjay
Candi Samples
Tara Hole

Brians' Is Dead, Long Live Lil' B's!

I don't know how familiar you might personally be with Brians' American Eatery, now standing forlornly empty with a sign that promises better days, but it is well and truly dead, and I don't mind that at all.  Here is an article from the Union Tribune on the topic.

Brians' has now been replaced by Lil' B's Urban Eatery at 2611 El Cajon Blvd, not far east of the corner of Texas and El Cajon Boulevard. This is very good news for our community. Why? Because it is a place where you can show up at 3am on a Saturday night, wearing something glamorous, intensive and edgy, and be greeted with cries of joy. It's that kind of place. 

The old Brians' American Eatery was one of the first restaurants in town where the staff was on constant patrol to make sure that everybody played nicely together. If some customer objected to the wildly diverse goings on, they would be hustled out of the place within seconds. If you want to sit and cuddle with your sweeeeetie, then you will be quite welcome to do so. The same vibe has moved to the new location.

The new menu is very very close to the same style of home cooking' as the old place - BIG portions, and high-quality ingredients.  I'm told that there are mostly the same choices as before, with 15-20 new items on the menu, such as Smoked Pulled Pork, BBQ Pork Ribs, plus Macaroni And Cheese Bacon Egg Rolls…  I've checked carefully, and ALL of them are on my diet! 

I spoke to Brian Stout (AKA "Little Brian") and he tells me that they haven't gotten the new signs up yet, and the website is still in process. He also says that 39 of the 44 employees from Brians' made the transition to the new location.  If you know Brian already, you're going to have difficulty recognizing him - He has dropped seventy pounds!

It's bigger, too - Nine more seats than the old location. As soon as their liquor license arrives, they are planning to take out the front window, put in a door and install a big patio for al fresco dining along El Cajon Boulevard!


10PM-2AM at Numbers Bar, 3811 Park Blvd.

Welcome back to HARNESS, a NEW monthly Leather/Gear event… Here is a review of the last one.

You are always welcome to come out as you are, but LEATHER GEAR is encouraged, the least you can do is THROW ON A HARNESS! Last month's event was so HOT, the guys had to be separated with a crowbar!!!!!!


With a rotating roster of kick-ass DJs and leatheratti hosts, we are sure entice the fuck out of you. We kick off San Diego's newest LEATHER night with DJ JD, who will be spinning Dirty House sounds to promote close DANCING and CRUISING in the dark.

This month's Host is the glorious SPIKE, who is the finest bootblack and leather-care authority I know of. Wise, experienced, accessible and smart - Our Spike is a prominent member of our community!

Also, check out the new PLAYSPACE....Bring a friend, or find a new one!!!!!

Don't have any gear? NO WORRIES! We will have ANTHONY ROLLAR (Mr. San Diego Leather 2010) in house, "with Leather Love" fitting you out with a harness for only $50...other leather accessories will be available. We will also have a bootblack on duty to attend to your boots and leathers!

CUB CLUB SD is always looking for new dancers for our events, if interested send a full body pic in underwear to to try out at the HARNESS event. We are always looking for LEATHER MEN, PORN STARS, MUSCLE DADDIES, TATTOOED GUYS, PUPS, OTTERS, WOLVES, AND CUBS!

STRAP UP. BUCKLE UP...and come take a ride.

HARNESS every 2nd Friday of the month at NUMB3RS.


Review of BELT Party 4.0

All photos by the supreme CALI GRIEBEL

On Saturday, Oct. 27 2012, the fourth BELT Party was held at the Flame. I spent the next few days on the phone soliciting comments from attendees, and the majority of people were THRILLED with their experience. There were some elements beforehand that we had no control over (timing, location, conflicting events), but once we arrived and got down to business, the trend that had started a year ago with BELT 1.0 became even more focused.

A team of highly-dedicated men have been meeting every week (Wednesdays at 6PM) to coordinate plans for BELT (once every three months), HARNESS (every month on the first Friday) and other events that are likely to include a large amount of men who normally don't go out much. Our shared intention is to make sure that everybody feels included, entertained, educated and enrolled (if they dare) in some new experiences that will leave them awfully happy, and remarkably fulfilled.

Couples everywhere, and more forming up…

The team is wonderfully diverse (creatively and inspirationally), with an open invitation for anyone to join us and contribute to what is coming up.  If you were at BELT 4.0, you would have seen the team of deeply-intimate brothers participating in a swarming mass of exciting behaviors that were the REAL THING, not a bunch of posers in borrowed gear making "O" faces and engaging in porn-actor dialog.

We've found the perfect vibe, and we were serenely creating it from moment to moment as a team… with a kick-ass soundtrack, too - DJ Taj was superb, and everybody said so.

Once we were committed, everybody did everything humanly possible to make it a success. We all gave it everything we had. I rejoice in that. It fuckin' WORKED.

As soon as I was inside the door, I had a PHENOMENAL time. So did every single human being I had contact with. It was another triumph of interpersonal sharing, and with a very high level of brotherly closeness. It was ferociously fun, sexy, and had a raunchy flavor that pleased the crowd very much. 

The crowd did a lot of grinning. You can see it in the pictures. Yes, there were a few guys on the edges who were new, and uncertain of their place in the Tribe, but I told each one of them to keep coming to our events. The more they show up, the more their self-protective behaviors will fade away, and the really fun, sassy guy comes out to play with the rest of us.

I kept noticing something that I haven't seen in about twenty-five years: Groups of men holding each other while dancing together on the dance-floor. I hadn't realized how much I had missed seeing that. It spoke clearly about Male Intimacy, particularly when it became clear that these were not exclusive cliques - they were groups of affectionate men who split apart eventually and joined OTHER groups just as easily. 

I interpret this behavior as the best symptom of how our Tribe is coming back full-force: We've been isolated and lonely as a culture for too long, and this is what primates like us evolved to want, expect and need. It's our birthright, and we all deserve lots more of it, and often.

If you've ever met me at a public event, you know that I'm polite, but sexually distant - I don't want to give the impression that I'm doing this work as a way to get laid. However, it's been a good twenty years since I've been hit-on so much, and in such a frankly sexual way, as I was on BELT night. I feel like I could have gone home with half the guys there. All of that flattering attention made an old man very happy.

I snagged a BUNCH of new members who couldn't wait to get on the mailing-list.  This happens more and more. Multitudes of hugging, alert, non-drugged-out and unified men have an amazingly strong effect on newbies. They don't necessarily have the words to describe what they are they seeing, but they sure as hell want to figure out the rules, and get closer.

The thought occurred to me that BELT 4.0 was the flawless antidote to drug-usage. Why would somebody have to get tweaked-out in order to feel more-connected with other human beings, when we had the real thing in massive doses? For that matter, a large number of the men attending have been seen at recovery meetings. They were all having a rocking-good, sober time, even though the event was being held in a bar. It wasn't about the booze - It was about fun and brotherhood. We were high on the endorphins of Communal Joy.

Every city on earth that could love to consistently reproduce the levels of authentic, dynamic brotherhood we shared in the Flame that night. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, Amsterdam, ANYWHERE. This is what the future of our Tribe looks like. I'm predicting that the vibe will remain the same, but the number of eager brothers getting in on the splendor of it all will increase.

I guess that my deepest wish is that somehow all of the stars will align for BELT Party 5.0 - No conflicting events, massive numbers of attendees, bar-owners and staff treating us like long-lost brothers, and the go-go dancers all being able to retire early, from having earned so many tips. With a team this diverse, talented, energetic and idealistic, we have enough mojo going on to shift the moon out of alignment.