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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Red Hankies Night Has a New Host

boy kevin will be hosting Red Hankies Night at the San Diego Eagle at 3040 North Park Way, starting at 9PM on the Second Thursday of each month.

boy kevin's Leather journey began about 15 years ago while living in San Francisco, CA. Through interactions with the San Francisco Eagle, he became intrigued with the Leather lifestyle. His travels took him to IML in 2012 for the first time as an attendee; he has been to Fist Fest for the last four years. This is where he met his Sir Nicholas and still being trained in the ways of the Old Guard.
boy kevin wanted to reach out to the GLBT Community of San Diego that encourages safety and responsibility and provides a safe space for those that wish to explore their inner desires and fetishes, educating those new to the lifestyle. He always stresses the most important attributes to carry with you on your Leather journey are honesty, integrity, and respect... respect for others but above all respect for yourself.
boy kevin believes that there are many people that suppress their feelings or desires when it comes to leather or fetishes. Often there is no one you can trust to share your feelings or fantasy with, so you pursue your journey in the dark without guidance. Kevin offers himself as a mentor, to become that light, in their darkness. He has started an educational seminar at the San Diego Eagle to provide information on the different type of Fetishes. This will be held every other month.
He strongly supports the message, as long as you believe—you can achieve—for all things are possible through strength, determination and passion.

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