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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Next Event in Two Weeks

We've gone from 52 men attending our first event, to 155 at the second one, and our third event looks like it's going to be even bigger, in a much bigger venue. 

On Saturday, August 7, we're heading over to Bourbon Street for ANTHONY'S CIGAR NIGHT party. This is the new Mr. San Diego Leather's first public event, and he deserves our support and brotherhood. It officially runs from 5-8PM, but everyone is welcome to stay as long as they want. There is no charge for this event, and it is not a fundraiser.

Jeff, Steve and I went to Bourbon Street last night and finalized plans for the FMSD portion of the event. The new space in front (which will open a week after the event as an indoor/outdoor restaurant dining space like the one at Urban Mo's) is set aside for our cigar/pipe/cigarette pleasures, while the rest of the bar's many spaces are available for our enjoyment. It's going to be a diverse, loud and fun gathering. 

I plan to be dancing in full leathergear, once DJ LilChris starts spinning after 10PM. I'm a big fan of his style of "Good Times" music - heavy on the divas, with a wide variety of rhythms (I'm too old to keep up with 130 beats-per-minute all night, particularly in seven-pound boots!). Come dance with me and a bunch of other happy people, or engage in happy conversation with a large group of like-minded men.

The BOOT PARTY on Sunday, August 22nd is on the way - It'll be at Redwing bar. The details are still getting polished, by many boot-fetish fiends. A team of us are getting together at the Redwing next week to finalize plans. Let me know if you have ideas that you want to contribute.  There will be multiple boot-blacks, smoking on the patio, drink specials, large numbers of flirtatious, hot men in boots (and their fans), plus the usual disreputable and friendly perverts from FMSD.

The email list is doubling in size on a regular basis, but we want it much, much bigger. The last time I created a list like this one, we had a little over 3,000 men on the list (the "PT-List"… Some of you might remember it from a decade ago). 

The numbers matter. A lot.

Our community has been fractured. We don't read the gay rags any more, and we don't congregate at the same places any more, so nobody knows about events before they happen. If you want to see bigger crowds of like-minded, sociable and satisfied men, then, please reach out to your friends and invite them to join the FetishMenSanDiego email list:

In return, you have our promise that you (and they) will never get any spam as a result… Not from us, and not from anybody else (it will always be a private list). You'll only receive useful information that you'll be glad to see. If you're not happy, then just unsubscribe with one click, and no hard feelings.

I've been part of the kink & fetish Tribe since 1977. I'm a rare creature, because I remember how things used to be, when our community was at its best and on the rise. All FMSD events are designed to bring back that vibe, over and over, as a series of safe, welcoming spaces where  men can have a thoroughly satisfying time, and go home feeling good about what happened. Years after my Rampart dance parties at Shooterz, I still get stopped in the parking lot, or at the bank, by men who rave about the joyful times they experienced at Rampart. I miss those days as much as they do, so FMSD is the new way to accomplish that.

Right now, there are at least a dozen unannounced, upcoming events in the planning pipeline. Don't deprive your buddies… Let them know that something new, real, non-commercial and valuable is finally here in 2010 and beyond. We may "stick" in one location each month at some point, due to overwhelming numbers. This is all experimental, but with the unchanging goal of building real Tribe in San Diego.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Next Event, Aug. 7 at Bourbon Street

Anthony's Anti-Fundraising Cigar Social

Hosted by Mr. San Diego Leather 2010:

Saturday, August 7, 2010. Time: 5-8pm 

Happy Hour drink specials, and snacks. $5.00 cigars will be available for purchase, if you don't bring your own.

Bourbon Street
4612 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 291-4043

The men of FetishMenSanDiego will be attending this event to show our support, and to have a rocking good time. The smoking area will be in the zone of current constriction at the bar, and non-smokers will be socializing in the remainder. Bring your dancing-boots or shoes, because the DJ plays exceptionally good, fun music! This will be a mixed event of all types of happy folks, so let's show 'em how much fun fetishmen can really be!

According to Anthony, a total of 155 people attended this last Saturday's FMSD event at the Eagle. Pictures and the story of what happened can be found on the FMSD web site.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome aboard...

This blog, website, email list, and accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Recon are being used for one, single purpose:

To build community, brotherhood, trust and Tribe among gay fetishmen in San Diego, by creating events that are warm and welcoming.

We've fallen apart from each other, and the Internet is to blame. It's so easy to create a profile online and reel in some new meat, but we lose connection with the larger community in the process. We don't read the gay rags, and we don't lurk in bars as a habit. Local leaders are still trying to use old techniques to gather people together, but tired, obsolete methods don't work any more.

FMSD is a "Smart Mob", using new technologies to get the news out to people where they are, as they are, in the modern age. Our events aren't just big, they're different:

People are really, really nice to each other.

Our events include lots of hugs and laughter, and our Event Hosts go out of our way to make sure that shy newbies are properly welcomed.

Nobody wants to harsh the vibe, so everybody is on their best behavior.  The nicer you are, the more goodies you get. People want to know who is inside your exterior, rather than just judging you by the exterior alone. It's not a crotch thing (though men DO connect very nicely), it's not a competition thing (we have no A-List and no attitude is allowed), and it's not a "Are you Hung Enough/Young Enough" sort of thing.

It's a heart-to-heart brotherhood thing. Sociopaths HATE that part, and stay away as a result. Credible, reputable, respectable and admirable men get their chance to shine.

Our community has been through a lot due to AIDS, having lost so many wonderful mentors, leaders, role-models, Daddies and brothers. It's time to Gather the Tribe, find reasons to trust, enjoy and bond with each other, and have some fun like a bunch of happy three-year-olds without any cares or concerns.

Even macho, leatherbound Alpha Males need excuses to be light-hearted, frisky and playful!