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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dominant/Top Mentoring Classes for Gay Men, Starting Soon

UPDATE:  The classes are happening, and I have 

From Papa Tony:

I recently celebrated forty years in the Kink/Leather/Fetish community.  I do not pretend to know everything about every aspect of Kinkology, but I do have a lot of experience, and I am VERY successful at being a Sir.  I'd like to teach you how to be successful as well, if you are looking to learn.

I have been mentoring kinky, dominant men and women for many years. Periodically, I do a "semester" of classes, just for gay men.

What's the difference between attending these classes, and just looking for info on Google?

We aren't in need of more information… we are drowning in it.  What we need is someone who gives a damn about the student's success, who will give personalized coaching, and generously provides answers to very intimate questions without withholding, or harsh judgment.  As we said in the 1970's, even Daddies need Daddies.

What do I teach?

There are two categories of wisdom that every high-quality Sir gathers:

- Hard skills ("This is how you do this thing"), and
- Soft skills… Success-techniques, coping-mechanisms and gathered wisdom.

I teach both.

What style am I teaching?

I do NOT teach abusive, disapproval-based relationship tips.  Somebody else can do that, and elsewhere.  My style is long-term, affectionate, mutually supportive, relationship-based, and utterly hardcore when it's the right time.

What is the cost for attending?

There are two costs:

- I expect you to teach others as the years go by, when you feel ready to do so. That is how we did it in the old days, and it is a noble thing to do.  I do it, because it is my way of thanking my own mentors, who died decades ago.

- I expect you to SHOW UP.  I know how valuable this information is, and once you commit, I expect everybody to show up on time, every time, unless you are sick or dead!  :->

What is the payoff for the students?

In a word, POPULARITY.  You know how gay men are supposed to become less-attractive as we grow older?  A high-quality, confident Sir's value NEVER GOES DOWN, until he decides to retire.  In fact, once a man's confidence in his abilities rise, he has to get some extra coaching on how to deal with the stress of being chased after, everywhere that he goes.

How do you find out more about the class, the dates and the location in San Diego?

Email me at papatony - Introduce yourself, and tell me your interests.  Start the ball rolling.

If you don't live in San Diego, get on my list anyway - I will be audio-recording the classes.