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Friday, January 23, 2015

Events as of January 23


AUDIO POSTED (one hour, 49 minutes):
"Protecting yourself on the Internet"

(Thanks, Donnie!)


Saturday, January 24, 9pm: Mr. LA Leather Bear 2015 Contest @ Pistons (Map)

Wednesday, January 28, 7PM: Hands-On Demo Night: FLOGGING TEAMWORK

January 30-February 1: All-Male Butchmanns Experience in San Diego. This event is SOLD OUT!

Saturday, January 31, 9pm: Mr. Pistons Leather 2015 Contest @ Pistons (Map)

Saturday, February 7, 9pm: Mr. Bullet Leather 2015 Contest @ The Bullet Bar (Map)

Feb 12-16: Second annual International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs

More pictures and reviews from last year's contest can be found here.

February 19-21:  Mr. San Diego Eagle 2015 Contest Weekend.

From Russ:

This year is even better than last year. All the judges are from the country's Eagle bars (New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Indianapolis).

== All events are located at Sunset Temple ==
== 3911 Kansas St, San Diego, California 92104 ==

Thursday, Feb 19th, 7PM: Leather Banquet (Cost: $25)

Friday, Feb 20th, 7PM: Meet and Greet, Fashion show and Underwear Auction (Cost: $10)

Saturday, Feb. 21st, 7PM: Mr. San Diego Eagle Contest.  There will be raffles and basket auctions. (Cost: $10)

VIP tickets, (seating at the contest and other goodies) is $20 per night on Fri and Sat. Combination tickets can be purchased at regular $40.00 and VIP $60. Tickets can be purchased through eventbrite or mortensonboyd @ or at the door. Credit cards accepted.

March 22-29: LA Leather Pride 2015

To keep yourself up-to-date on the festivities be sure you have the iPhone and Android App. Stay connected and receive valuable offers from our sponsors.

The Los Angeles Leather Coalition and the LA Leather Pride Committee are happy to announce that the 2015 Los Angeles Leather Pride Celebration will take place the week of March 22 – 29, 2015.  The theme of this year’s event will be The Tribe: Celebrating the Rites of Passage.

The highlight of Leather Pride will be the selection of Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015, which will take place on Saturday March 28th at a location to be announced soon.
And as an extra special attraction, the wild and popular OFF SUNSET FESTIVAL street fair will be held on Sunday Mach 29, 2015 the day after the Mr. LA Leather contest and LEGION dance, extending a full weekend of leather and kink fun for everyone!

A series of Mr. LA Leather “Feeder Contests” are being held across the city by various clubs and businesses to select their representing contestant.  The qualifying contest schedule is posted on the LA Leather Pride website at, and will be updated as new dates are added.

Also confirmed to be returning for 2015 are the very popular Southland Honors Awards celebration as well as The Assembly Uniform Reception.

Additional events will be added soon, so you can expect a full week-long celebration of the leather lifestyle.  The 2014 event was a huge success, resulting in significant donations to charity beneficiaries.  The 2015 committee expects to out-do those results, and are pulling out all the stops to create a fantastic event week that everyone will want to be part of.

Contestants from last year.  It was a GREAT event!

Saturday, March 28, 6pm: Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015 Contest @ TBA

Sunday, March 29, 11am: Off Sunset Festival in Silverlake.  Closing event for LA Leather Pride.  WELL worth sticking around for.

Early April: Phoenix Pride, with the parade on SATURDAY.

May 16-17: Long Beach Pride, with the parade on Sunday, May 17.

May 22-25: International Mr. Leather 2015 Contest in Chicago

June 12-14: Los Angeles Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, June 14.

Mid-June: FistFest West

June 12-14 - All Male Butchmanns Experience, Phoenix, AZ

Mid-June: Southern California Leather Gathering (SCLG) is an annual outdoor picnic gathering that is open to ALL leather, bdsm, fetish, kink, motorcycle and bear groups/individuals of all genders and orientations. The aim of the event is to provide an opportunity for these various folk to interact in a relaxed atmosphere, have fun and raise awareness about the size and diversity of the leather/bdsm groups within Southern California.

June 27-28: San Francisco Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, June 28.

July 17-19: Wet ’n Hot Weekend in Palm Springs. Over 500 sexy, attitude-free guys will descend upon an underground location in Palm Springs for a weekend filled with uninhibited pig play, brotherhood and fun. It’s the Biggest Piss Party on the Planet, and it’s unlike anything else that you’ve ever experienced!

July 17-19: San Diego Pride, with the parade on SATURDAY, July 18, and the Leather Realm on Saturday and Sunday.

This is a few of the 100 or so folks in the 
2014 Pride Parade Leather Contingent!

Sunday, July 26, 11am to 6PM: Up Your Alley Street Fair in San Francisco

Late July: Lazy Bear Weekend in Guerneville, California

September 18-19: Las Vegas Pride, with the parade at NIGHT, from 7-10PM, on SATURDAY, Sep. 19.

Thursday, September 3, 2015: Master/slave Conference - MsC 2015

MsC 2015 - Building Community!

MsC 2015 is produced by MTTA, Inc., a 501-c-3 all-volunteer non-profit educational organization.

The highly educational and unique event will take place over Labor Day Weekend outside Washington, DC

Education, Networking and History!

MsC 2015 will include a diversity of educational opportunities with Workshops, Intensives, Panels, Roundtables and Service Stations on Master/slave relationships

Keynote Speaker: Patrick Mulcahey from San Francisco

Our Traditions Live! Program: A Tribute to Men and Women of Color in the Master/slave. Leather and BDSM Communities. Speaker: Sir Guy from New York City

Labor Day Weekend - Sept, 3 - 7, 2015

Crowne Plaza Rockville / Washington DC
Two exclusive hotels with 257 rooms!

Online Registration & Hotel Room Booking will open in March 2015

Advance Registration: $125 (to May 31)
Early Registration: $150 (to July 31)
Standard Registration: $175 (to August 30)
Door Registration: $195

Sunday, September 27: Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Last Sunday in September, every year.

Mid-October: Bearquake in San Diego. BearQuake grew out of an idea of forming an alliance between the various clubs in Southern California and elsewhere. A "Bear Weekend" was planned where we could all get together and get to know each other. A contest was also held for Mr. So Cal Bear and Cub. The success of that first event opened the door to future gatherings which has become "BearQuake".

Nov. 6-8: Palm Springs Gay Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, Nov. 8

November 13-15: Desert Leather Pride in Palm Springs

Here are pics from 2013...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hands-On Demo Night: Flogging Teamwork

From Papa Tony:

7PM, Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

For location, RSVP to SignMeUpForEvent AT

Yes, we have covered Flogging 101, to the point where some folks are quite bored with it.  This time around, we are enrolling those same folks to bring their floggers and to TEACH the newest brothers, who have not had their first lessons yet.

This video is from our first Flog Swarm.  
I taught every one of the Tops in this video.

Suggested study-material: Papa Tony's one-hour, comprehensive flogging lesson for beginners. It is designed to teach anyone how to be a POPULAR Flogging Top, who is sensitive, skilled and can adjust his style to match anyone that he plays with, right off the bat. I've been flogging since 1977, and have taught thousands of flogging Tops and bottoms.

Bring floggers, if you have any.  If you plan to learn, and want to get a GREAT flogger for a fraction of the usual cost, may I recommend the Mister Thuddy at  It's $45, versus $180 for the same weight and quality, anywhere else.  If you're planning to learn Florentine Flogging at some point, buy two!

We will DEFINITELY need "Stunt Bottoms" to practice with, so come on DOWN!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tonight's Discussion: "Please Understand Me"

From Jay:

What is the topic for tonight's discussion (Wednesday, January 21, 2015)?

From Papa Tony:

I'm glad that you asked, Jay.  I just got back from Washington DC, and I have stepped in as David's Discussion Moderator replacement for the remainder of January.  Mike Brock is taking on the discussions for the months of February, March and April.

7PM (try to get there early, as parking really stinks):
Mission Gathering
3090 Polk Ave
San Diego CA 92104-2633

Tonight's discussion is on the topic of "PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME", which is a follow-up of a blockbuster meeting on this same topic in March of 2013 (it seems like many years ago).

In 2015, we are going to do more intensive team-building and brotherhood-enhancing work, to balance-out the isolation that can come from being caught up in the modern, hyper-connected age.

FetishMenSanDiego is shifting more and more into providing a sequence of spaces where we can become closer as men.  Tonight's meeting is a large part of that plan.

Monday, January 12, 2015

IMPORTANT DISCUSSION TOPIC: "Protecting yourself on the Internet"

UPDATE:  Here is the audio from that meeting.  It is well-worth listening to, and highly instructive.

Wednesday, January 14, 7PM

At Mission Gathering, 3090 Polk Ave
San Diego CA 92104-2633.

Try to get there by 6:45, due to terrible parking in the area.

One of our most popular brothers is in jail right now, due to unknowingly downloading forbidden stuff. It's a tale to learn from, so the topic will be "PROTECTING YOURSELF ON THE Internet".

Photos from BOUND Party at Numbers

Photos are by the ever-creative Scott Smith and Felix Moo. 
Many thanks for documenting our triumphs!

Friday, January 9, 2015.  From Papa Tony:

The men of FetishMenSanDiego were invited to bring our bondage skills to the special, bondage-themed "BOUND" edition of the monthly HARNESS party at Numbers nightclub.

As a nice coincidence, FMSD's weekly "Master Class" for Tops was being held on the night before the big party. This gave us a chance to practice our teamwork for what was coming up.

As a result, a whole bunch of Tops and bottoms showed up in a crowd for the big night. We were ready to work together to create beautiful, creative and playful experiences for the crowd that showed up.  For 2015 and beyond, the theme for all of FMSD's events will be to take full advantage of the love that we have for each other, and to accomplish team-oriented projects that cause everyone to learn and to grow.

And what a crowd it was! It was easily triple the normal attendance. Clearly, bondage is a topic that intrigues many people.

We started by assembling the six-foot-six sling-frame, and using industrial-strength plastic wrap to suspend slave bob. He was bound, gagged, butt-plugged and suspended by a large team of men who swarmed over him like ants working toward a common goal. 

Some of us were holding him steady while the work began, so that he was never in any danger. Others handed the rolls of plastic up, over, around and under, over and over again. 

When we were done, we added some decorative lights, to complete our group's performance-art piece. Then, it was time for the group photo. 

Shortly afterward, someone reported that Bob's arms were falling asleep, since they were bound behind him. In retrospect, this makes quite a bit of sense. We will know better next time.

Like magic, three men pulled out their emergency shears, and started hacking away at plastic, while the rest of us of supported bob. 

The crowd was utterly intrigued, as they watched us have so much fun together.

When bob was completely freed, we broke out in spontaneous applause, for him, and for all of us.

Now, for phase two:  BONDAGE!

Keith and Eli couldn't resist the other sling nearby...

The brothers from FMSD brought out the floggers, too!  It's always a crowd-pleaser.

Happy, happy men, an epic night, and playful interactions.  It was FUN!

From Ned:

Thanks to all who came out to HARNESS....BOUND! It was an incredible start to 2015! Incredible job Gogo Max!!! DJ Ryan Racino was on FIRE! The music was PERFECT! People danced and enjoyed themselves and even the ones who weren't dancing were moved by the music. Fetish Men SD's Special Fetish Demo had the room mesmerized! (THANKS PAPA TONY AND THE SEXY MEN OF FMSD!).

People were mesmerized.....saw a lot of new faces in the crowd!

Gogo BEEF Grant and Dan Rizzle (who filled in for a sick Larkin) were HOT! Joining the on the boxes in his Gogo Debut...Cub Club's New Pup...Gogo Steve Juarez was very sexy...and popular! Booth Boys Matt and Aaron flirted and held down the cashier booth and clothing check for all the sexy boys who decided to strip down! Thanks to Felix Moo and Scott Smith for taking pictures.... Special thanks to Anthony Coronado for all your help See you next month!