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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hands-On Demo Night: Flogging Teamwork

From Papa Tony:

7PM, Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

For location, RSVP to SignMeUpForEvent AT

Yes, we have covered Flogging 101, to the point where some folks are quite bored with it.  This time around, we are enrolling those same folks to bring their floggers and to TEACH the newest brothers, who have not had their first lessons yet.

This video is from our first Flog Swarm.  
I taught every one of the Tops in this video.

Suggested study-material: Papa Tony's one-hour, comprehensive flogging lesson for beginners. It is designed to teach anyone how to be a POPULAR Flogging Top, who is sensitive, skilled and can adjust his style to match anyone that he plays with, right off the bat. I've been flogging since 1977, and have taught thousands of flogging Tops and bottoms.

Bring floggers, if you have any.  If you plan to learn, and want to get a GREAT flogger for a fraction of the usual cost, may I recommend the Mister Thuddy at  It's $45, versus $180 for the same weight and quality, anywhere else.  If you're planning to learn Florentine Flogging at some point, buy two!

We will DEFINITELY need "Stunt Bottoms" to practice with, so come on DOWN!

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