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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Excellent Local Source for Cigars

One of the nicest things about having public, face-to-face events is the possibility of something new showing up unexpectedly.  I was at the BOOT NIGHT event at the Redwing, and met a great, sexy and good-hearted man who just happens to have a business in San Diego selling cigars:

He's passionate about cigars, and will gladly talk your arm off if you have any questions or requests on the topic. 

I spent some time with him the other day, and found him to be intelligent, warm, knowledgable and charming. He and his boyfriend live right over near me in Normal Heights*. Don't be too surprised if he steps in and takes over the role of Julie the Cruise Director at some future FetishMenSanDiego events… He's that wonderful!

As I've said before, let's all support our local businesspeople in the fetish community. Keep your money local, and we'll have great choices available for decades to come!

I'm in the process of setting up a regular, monthly CIGARS, BOOTS AND BEER event on a Sunday afternoon each month, because the last few, similar events have been so superb. It's clear to me that there is plenty of local support for it.  I'll have more details soon.

*I've lived in Normal Heights for years - It's a pleasant place, but kind of discriminatory… I tried to join the Normal Heights Book Club back in 1995, but they wouldn't let me, because I'm not of normal height!  :->

Puppy Party in La Mesa, Sept. 11

Note from Papa Tony: I've attended this event before… It's at Scotty and Doren's place out in La Mesa. Kinky puppy boys and Puppy Trainers are invited to join in the fun! If for no other reason, you've GOT to go, if only for the tour of what Scotty is doing with the rubber dog masks (and paws and such) that he manufactures by hand. It's glorious, and interesting as hell. The boys at the party are mighty friendly, too!

From: Pup DragZ








Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're on Facebook Now!

Many thanks to Robert Black, who has been diligent and persistent in getting FetishMenSanDiego onto Facebook:

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: On Aug 26, 2010, at 7:57 PM, Tony G wrote:

I hope you don't use Facebook exclusively.

Heavens, NO!  

I am not on it and refuse to be on it. I hope you continue to send email messages. Otherwise, myself and a few others I'm sure are going to miss out.

I prefer email, myself.  I'm only testing to see what the reaction will be.  It's new technology, so I have to hold my nose and give it a try.  The problem I'm trying to overcome is, gay males like us simply aren't reachable through the old means any more. I can sit around thinking wishfully (as so many are still doing), or I can go way outside the box and master something new.  I'll be 55 in December, and I'm stubborn enough to resist the usual closed-mindset that I naturally develop as I get older.

So far, it's working. The new media IS where everybody went. Life continues to be a growth-process.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Boot Night, Reviewed, and Bootblacks

I tend to repeat this a lot, but I'm pleasantly surprised each time we get together for an event.  In the weeks leading up to it, I am scrambling behind the scenes, coordinating efforts and ideas, making sure that all of the ducks are in a row.  On the actual day of the event, I arrive with no expectations, but I'm always surprised in very nice ways…

Last night's surprise for me was how many, many men are into boots and who seriously crave being able to show them off.  Like anybody else, I know what _I_ like, but there aren't a lot of discussions where the topic of boots come up, in daily conversation.  These guys were SERIOUS boot-freaks, and they were flying the freak flag, way up high for all to see.

This gives me great hope for future themed events.

So, last night, everybody was on the exact same contact-high.  Roars of happy laughter, hugging everywhere, and some serious male-bonding.  I did my damnedest to "mix it up" if I saw some new arrival being shy, but honestly, there wasn't a lot of that.  Everybody just kind of slid into the right groove with very little delay.  The same new guy that I'd observe at first arrival to be stoic and unsure, would be grinning and chatting within a short time.  It was just that kind of night.

An aside about boot-blacking:

Cobi did a magnificent job of assembling the team. They were busy the entire event, with folks lining up to get pampered.  I've had decades of experience with bootblacks at fetish events, and I've seen them this dedicated before, but never beaten in terms of sheer expertise. 

Spike did a job on my favorite boots that astonished me, whitening the seams, burning off the loose threads (that had been there since 1998), gluing shut a slash in the toe that had been bothering me for years, and applying exactly the right finish. The guy next to me had his humble work boots transformed into serious fetishwear after Cobi got his hands on them.

I'm being dead serious here - If you have boots (or chaps, or other leathers) that you love, bring some cash for heavy tipping, because you will seriously want to get in line and show gratitude for the finest possible care.  EVERY FetishMenSanDiego event from now on will include bootblacks. In the old days, they were an honored part of the Tribe, and they are in 2010, too.

Who ARE These People?

I'm still doing a write-up of last night's event… Short version: It was wonderful!  Total success, yet again.  You're gonna love the picture.  It's as cute as hell. There was no room for a group photo, so I thought that we'd go close-up, personal and cute.

This post is about one aspect of last night's event that some folks might have questions about:

If you were there, you may have noticed a good number of people in attendance who were clearly and identifiably NOT gay fetishmen.  They weren't there to crash the party and pee in the pool, or to cock-block the cruisers.  I spoke to everybody that I could, and I noticed a pattern. The people who weren't gay fetishmen (lesbians and straight folks), and who specifically wanted to be right there with us, had several things in common:

- They were 110% supportive and friendly
- They're all community leaders
- They all want to learn what the heck we are doing, so that they can repeat our successes with their own groups.  

At this point in history, FetishMenSanDiego is the fastest-growing, most-active and snazziest thing happening in town. 

- Our mailing-list is growing by around ten members a day, every day. NOBODY has unsubscribed so far.  In the modern Internet age, that's freakin' unusual. I predict that we'll be up to about 3,000 members within a year, just like I had with the old PT-List.

- Each of our events are highly-regarded. Word of mouth is INTENSE in town, and all over the world. I'm getting email from Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Florida, Chicago and on and on, and everybody wants to know what we're doing, because they want the same thing in their own communities.

It;s 2010, and the old rules don't apply any more.  Everybody who wants to make a difference has been feeling blue, wondering where everybody else went. Leaders hate it when they can't find a constituency, and they take it personally, when they really shouldn't. The Internet has been a huge blessing in so many ways, but it has also isolated us. Old-style clubs, with memberships, by-laws, elections and planning committees don't work any more, but everybody has been waiting for a new paradigm to arrive. The current situation has been a real drag for anybody who cares deeply about community, and I've been studying the problem for a long time. 

FMSD is a test-tube environment for using new technology in ways that actually work, with the goal of re-connecting with each other in meaningful, satisfying ways. With that in mind, I hope that the gay fetishmen that I'm focusing my efforts on can keep an open mind about our super-friendly guests.  

Just visualize them in white lab coats with clipboards!   :->

Sunday, August 22, 2010

About Tonight's Event...

There are a lot of new members on the email list, so I'd like to bring everybody up to date:

We'll be gathering at the Redwing bar at 5PM today:

4012 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104-2602
(619) 281-8700

You do NOT have to be a boot fetishist to attend. The purpose for "theme nights" is to encourage men to wear the items that they love, rather than letting those sexy items get dusty in the closet, month after month. If you don't have any of a particular night's themed items, it's no biggie…. Unless it's explicitly and clearly advertised as a STRICT DRESSCODE night, of course.

We want YOU... being friendly, being visible and being celebrated as somebody who is valuable for who you are, as you are, right now. Gay fetishmen aren't very visible in the everyday world, and the more of us together, being joyful, the better we all feel about ourselves and each other. We're consciously and continually rebuilding Tribe in San Diego, and we need all of us, together.

If you haven't read it yet, now would be a good time to review Rule Number One for all FMSD Events.  I think that you'll like it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reminder: Event This Sunday, 5PM

You do NOT have to be IN boots, or INTO boots, in order to attend. These are all social events, and we want you there, being sociable!


Hosted by Cobi and his team of bootblacks - They love boots as much as you do!

Sunday, August 22, 2010. Time: 5-8pm 

Redwing Bar
4012 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104-2602
(619) 281-8700

Kick it or lick it!! Hey all you boot pigs! What's better than the thud of your heavy lugs stomping across the floor? The thunder of a whole stampede of booted men, of course! Here's you're chance to meet up and have fun with a bunch of booted men.

Biker boots, cop boots, work boots, cowboy boots, army boots, rubber boots, hell, even waders!! You pick and come on out to knock boots with your fellow boot pigs! Do your boots need a polish? There'll be boot blacks on hand to service your boots. 

I know many of us enjoy a smoke, cigar, or pipe while wearing a pair of hot boots. Redwing has a large outdoor patio where you can indulge both. See you there!!   

Sexmap: Create Your Map of Human Sexuality

Sexmap: Create Your Map of Human Sexuality

What’s Papa Tony's Motivation?

What’s Papa Tony's Motivation?

Periodically, the question arises - What is the point of all of this energy being poured into public events?  Am I doing it to get paid, or to get laid? Nope.

I went through twelve years of Catholic school. When I got out, I ran to find the fastest crowd available, and I found them: gay leathermen in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and above.  I was an angry punk, and their mentoring helped me to become a better man. I had a big, extended and super-supportive Leather family.

They’re all dead now.  I’m the only survivor.

AIDS hit us harder, earlier and faster than any other demographic, and for a while, I was attending two or three funerals a WEEK. I lost over 140 important friends, lovers, mentors, leaders, mentors and role-models before I finally stopped counting.

This experience has scarred me permanently, and when I create a series of “safe spaces” where gay fetishmen can come together in trust and brotherhood, I’m re-creating what I loved so much in the old days. 

For a while, I’m healed again.

So, if anybody ever tries to to tell you the “secret, real reason” for Papa Tony's peculiar behavior, refer them to this web-page.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Plans for Upcoming Events. Feedback?

I'm in the final planning stages for a few events, and i'd enjoy hearing people's feedback before I lock anything down:


This one will be at the Eagle. I'm just waiting for the final agreed-upon date before sending out the full announcement. Here is the current plan for the dresscode:

One from each: FOOTWEAR, PANTS, TORSO:

Boots are required, Sneakers are okay with Sports Fetishwear

Leather, Rubber, Uniform, Sports, Jockstrap.  Jeans only with tall boots or with leather chaps.

Leather, Rubber, Uniform, Sports, Harness, Vest, Shirtless.  Cloth shirt only with Uniform, Sports or Skin

Cologne, sneakers, sandals, street shoes, suits, dress shirts, cotton pants, shorts, cell phones, cameras, illegal drugs.

Your thoughts?


Yes, we already have two sort-of dance nights that we can attend each month, without feeling too foolish or out of place - Bears Night at Bacchus House, and LL Bear at Richs.  In their own way, they are perfectly nice. However, they don't really ring my chimes, and here's why:

They create the space, and the ability to buy booze, and to provide sounds that are technically music. They don't take it to the next level, however:

They don't really care much if you enjoy yourself.  If you don't, it's your own fault. If you do, how nice for you.

Yes, I know, it's unfair to make that assumption.  I'm sure that the folks running these events are very nice guys, and they do their best. The problem is, I've been spoiled - I like events that are TRANSCENDENT. Parties that take you waaaay out of your concerns and considerations and take you (and your brothers around you) to an extraordinary level of real joy.

You know, like MY old Rampart dance parties at Shooterz.  

In order to get there:

- Everybody has to be on the same page. This is accomplished by having a Party Host, who is superb at creating a standardized Welcoming Message that clearly sets the tone.  I can do that.  If everybody attending is certain that they are wanted there, and welcome, then it changes the whole vibe of the event.  You know, just like every FMSD event so far.

- The music has to be joyful - Heavy on the Divas, lyrics, good times, familiarity and fun.  The sort of music that makes you scream out "Oh!  I LOVE this SONG! " and throws everybody onto the dance-floor because they can't avoid it.  As opposed to Music to Kill People By, or Trance, or this week's newest "product" being churned out like toothpaste. I have no interest in being Educated on New, Experimental Stuff by a DJ who can't relate to my experience.

- I want a consistent, dependable DJ who understands our demographic. I don't want a 22-year-old DJ that adores hip-hop the first time around, and a 130-beat-per-minute-for-five-hours-without-a-break twink the next time. I don't care much about Oldies, or a continuous diet of Disco Fever, but a little bit sprinkled here and there can be a nice surprise.

- I want lots of US.  I get tired of my boy and me being the only men in fetishwear in attendance, month after month.  Imagine the same men that you've seen at our events so far, and imagine us dancing in a sweaty crowd with all of our shirts off, hitting Diva Overload all at the same time, screaming with joy, with the energy spiraling through the roof. This used to happen multiple times, every Friday for 2-1/2 years. 400-600 men, all on their very best behavior. It stopped being MY party after about a month, and became EVERYBODY's party.  Men came from all over the world, specifically planning their vacation to include a night at Rampart, because it really was that good.

I'm unsure about location. I'd like the first dance-party to be at Bourbon Street, because they have a DJ there who plays exactly the kind of music I would like to hear. The dance-floor is small, but it's a fun place to dance. If there will be other such events, we will have lots of bigger dance-floors to choose from.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Request For Helpful Tips

I'm a long-time kinkster, and I'm pretty darned connected in the community.  However, my knowledge is pretty moldy and dusty in 2010. I stepped away from community-work for a few years, and a lot has changed.  I'd love to pretend that I know it all, but I don't.

So, I'm asking you to respond to this message with your advice:

- What are the best kink-oriented cruise sites that compete with Recon? Please go into detail.

- Who are the best local men you can recommend that are experts on a particular topic (bondage, rubber, sounds, whatever)?

- Are there businesses that you can recommend for a particular fetish need, either locally or internationally?

- Are there mailing-lists for upcoming events that you rely on?

- Are there ongoing, regular local or international events that you recommend?  Why?

- Is there something that excites you and would be great for other kinky men to know about, that I haven't asked about?

This is your chance to share wisdom with your brothers - I'll collate the responses and re-post them on the list.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BLUF Night at the Eagle LA this Friday

Hey Papa Tony,

10pm this Friday, August 13th, it's BLUF Night at the Eagle LA.  Get your Leather Uniform on and enjoy the cool summer night surrounded by the hottest Leathermen in Los Angeles! I hope some of our Leather Bros. from SD can make up to LA for this, we always enjoy having fresh meat around! No dress code, but you'll get a lot more action if you come in full leather with this crowd. No cover and valet parking available in front of the bar for 7 bucks. The Eagle is located at 4219 Santa Monica Blvd. 90026.
See you there!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CIGAR NIGHT in a Week and a Half

Southwest Bootblack 2010 Cobi will be your host for the festivities, along with his dedicated team of bootblacks. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010. Time: 5-8pm 

Redwing Bar
4012 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104-2602
(619) 281-8700

Kick it or lick it!! Hey all you boot pigs! What's better than the thud of your heavy lugs stomping across the floor? The thunder of a whole stampede of booted men, of course! Here's you're chance to meet up and have fun with a bunch of booted men.

Biker boots, cop boots, work boots, cowboy boots, army boots, rubber boots, hell, even waders!! You pick and come on out to knock boots with your fellow boot pigs! Do your boots need a polish? There'll be boot blacks on hand to service your boots. 

I know many of us enjoy a smoke, cigar, or pipe while wearing a pair of hot boots. Redwing has a large outdoor patio where you can indulge both. See you there!!  


RUBBER FETISH, featuring Scotty Moats and the Rubber Knights
FISTING SOCIAL hosted by the many men who have been part of RHSD
Plus, STRICT DRESS CODE PARTY, YELLOW HANKIES, DANCE NIGHT, BEARS, MOTORCYCLES, BONDAGE, MILITARY and MUSCLE-themed events. Get on the list and don't miss anything!

Cigar Night Group Photo is Up!

On Saturday, August 7, we had a friendly, relaxed, zero-attitude and happy gathering at Bourbon Street. Being a Human Border Collie, I called for a group photo, and a large number of men were happy to participate.

Here's the small version on the Recon profile page, and here is the BIG VERSION, ready for download.

Anthony did a superb job of organizing and hosting this event, and I will gladly support his efforts in the future. He's a great guy, and well-worth knowing on a personal level!

Many thanks to everyone that attended and helped out. Having Boot Blacks available and happily taking care of boots and chaps during the whole event felt so RIGHT.  It reminds me of the good old days.

Thanks to everyone for being so warm, welcoming and good-hearted.  You're permanently setting the tone for all future events.  I never saw the slightest hint of anything but joyful laughter, hugging, mingling and big, honest smiles.

THAT's what all of our events are about. It was all brotherhood, all of the time.  

We're past the point of being an experiment, and our numbers are growing steadily, week after after week. Due to the positive buzz about FMSD, there are at least seven other cities (that I know of) that are starting to emulate us.  The need for Tribe is a worldwide phenomenon, and if you've been to any of our events so far, you can see the attraction.

Let's do lots more of this stuff!

Boot Tips... August 22nd is coming

Several men have contacted me, wanting to purchase some fetish boots (inexpensively) before our BOOT NIGHT event in a week and a half.

My advice has been to check out the two major local resources (and one mail-order) that I would use, in their position:

Bargain Center
3015 N Park Way
San Diego, CA 92104
Between the Eagle and 30th.  One block south of 30th and University.
(619) 295-1181

Bargain Center has been around a long time. They sell Army-Navy Surplus and the like, which covers a wide, wide array of choices for fetishwear, such as uniforms (not usually the fetish kind, unless you are hot for postal delivery fashion), belts, jackets, gloves and other stuff. They are cheaper than buying the same items elsewhere, but not utterly cheap, since the stuff is brand-new, just kind of dusty. The prices are still pretty nice.

The staff there might seem odd or stand-offish, but they are just watching for shoplifters. As soon as you initiate a conversation, asking for help in shopping, they light right up, and they are very helpful without being annoying or hard-sell. I always ask for their guidance.

I have bought maybe seven pairs of boots from them in the last thirty years, including some CHP motorcycle boots (this was a rare find).  I bought my very favorite dancing-boots from them - Combat boots that were ultra-light, and smooth on the bottom for good spinning moves.  I sure wish I still had them, but one of my leatherboys kept them during the breakup, and is probably jacking off with them hanging from his balls, at this very moment.  :->

Tim, Bill and the staff
Pleasures & Treasures
Explore your inner adult!
2228 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104

I know, I'm starting to sound like a broken record, or a serious flack, but I only mention these folks because I believe in them. They are good men. Having run many affinity-groups in my life, I know what it would take to run Red Hankies San Diego (RHSD) for seventeen years. I honor good men who haven proven their worth to the community, and I want to encourage them so that we continue to have excellent resources. If history has shown us anything, if a fetish resource goes away in San Diego, it generally doesn't get replaced. There used to be SIX leather bars in San Diego, and twenty-six leather/kink/fetish organizations. I can name many custom leathercrafters (to create chaps, vests and the like) who are no longer around.  Enough said.

Bill and Tim operate an excellent source of used boots that they sell on consignment at the store, which is right next to the former Mustang Spa bathhouse near Pecs. When Perry died years ago, and Ringold Alley went out of business, Bill and Tim spent their savings to create a community-member-oriented fetish shop to replace it.  You won't find racks of frilly underthings, or kitten whips.  Just the real, hardcore toys, slings, fetishwear and lube that men like us are craving. If you're unsure about what gear goes with what accessories, ASK them. These guys have decades of experience, and are glad to help.

Stompers Boots
In the South of Folsom district in San Francisco
323 - 10th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-3804
1 888-BOOTMAN (1 888-266-8626)

These guys are the Gold Standard for gay-male fetish boots, worldwide. They have special deals to save money, including consignment items. Every year before Folsom, I used to host San Diego newbies on walking tours of the South of Market district, and I always brought them to Stompers, along with Butler Uniform, Bear Magazine headquarters, Mister S Leather and several other, similar shops.

Every time you go to Dore Alley or Folsom Street Fair, you should always make a point to visit Stompers during their annual barbecues out back.  Spend a good half-hour cruising around their Web site. You'll be educated and astonished. Even if you're dead broke, it makes for awfully nice daydreaming...

Any other suggestions?

UPDATE: On Aug 10, 2010, at 8:35 PM, b m wrote:

May not be the cheapest, but always authentic—BIG BLACK BOOTS and it's local. Ron will definitely set you up.

That's GREAT - I had the impression that he was out of business for some reason.  I bought my knee-high Wesco Engineers from him, many years ago.  Time for me to do an in-depth interview with him.  I sure do appreciate local businesses.

Good tip!

Uniform Tips

I recently attended the by-invitation-only sale of uniform gear on consignment at Pleasures & Treasures.  The gentleman who had been Mr. San Diego Leather for 1982(?) had died, and his family was placing over 100 pieces of uniform gear for sale.  About seven of us showed up and went through everything, looking for that special item.  I bought quite a bit of stuff that I honestly couldn't afford, but I could see what a rare deal this was.

I noticed an odd pattern, though. Guys were looking through the uniforms, trying them on, and then putting them back on the rack when the shirt or pants didn't quite fit. This was a tragic loss for them, and here's why:

I bought a full San Francisco Police dress uniform for $150, that morning. It doesn't even remotely fit my, ahem, heroic proportions. But, the pieces of embroidered patches and gold accessories were accurate, in perfect condition, and CHEAP.  If I stop by California Uniform at the corner of Park and Robinson for a new long-sleeve shirt, it'll be around thirty bucks, with tax.  If I bring both shirts over to Vicky the seamstress over near me, she'll do the full transfer of patches to the new shirt for less than twenty bucks.

Normally, you have to show that you are actually a peace officer before you can buy badges, patches and other accessories new, and they are quite expensive.  In the old days, the only uniform store that would sell to us uniform-gear fetishists (without cop ID first) was Butler Uniform in San Francisco, and it cost me over $2000 for a full, accurate CHP uniform, without the helmet.

In 2001.  The prices have only gone up since then.

Butler Uniform is long out of business (what a shame), but now, here in San Diego, there is a treasure-trove of uniform gear for sale that is accurate, authentic and on the cheap. Pleasures & Treasures still offers those pieces for sale, and I recommend that you run over there.

If you've ever wanted to strut your stuff in public in a uniform, you will never have a better opportunity to do it on the cheap. There were several CHP uniforms still available, last time I checked.

Just be aware, that some cops might frown upon seeing you in any California-based uniform gear, unless it's Halloween at Nightmare on Normal Street.  So, wear a light jacket over your stuff when you're on the way to a party.  It's been a misdemeanor since January 2002, but I don't know of anybody who has ever been busted. After 9/11, some of the more obnoxious cops pushed through a law barring gay uniform fetishists, saying we were "ridiculing them". Yeah, right - I'm going to spend money to "ridicule" cops and firefighters.

California Uniforms Inc
3755 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92103

Tim, Bill and the staff
Pleasures & Treasures
Explore your inner adult!
2228 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kinky Swap Meet, this Friday

Note from Tony: The Joyce Beers Center is in the Uptown District shopping Center in Hillcrest, across the street from Richs and Flicks.  If you come out of the front door of Ralph's supermarket, walk between Trader Joe's and the Starbucks, and then look between the two restaurants named "Terra" and "Aladdin's", there it is.)

August 6th, 2010 from 7-9 PM
Kinky Swap Meet brought to you by SDLOG and Club X
Joyce Beers Center
1230 Cleveland St
San Diego, Ca

Is everyone ready for a great evening of fun friends and shopping?  Have toys you are tired of?  Have leather that no longer fits?  Have anything that you would like to get rid of, but can't bring yourself to pitch it in the trash?   Gather your goodies up and bring them down to the  Third annual Kinky swap meet!   

The San Diego League of Gentlemen and Club-X team up to bring you the ANNUAL KINKY SWAP MEET.   Bring your unwanted toys, kinky wear or whatever, setup a table or share a table with a friend if you don't have that much.  Browse offering from others and you never know what you will find, you never know what you need until you see it.

There is no charge for a table and vendors are welcome.   MacLeo has already confirmed that they are going to be there, and we have heard from a number of people that they have boxes of fun toys!  

If you have any questions, please contact me here or at
Mike and
Bryan Teague
American Leatherboy 2010

Puppy Night at the Eagle this Wednesday

The FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month will be Puppy Night! Come out and get your ruffing Pup on, and show your appreciation for Sir Nick and the Eagle for giving us a place to get together!!

Puppy Night Hosted By San Diego Puppy Patrol
Weds August 4th

The Eagle
3040 North Park Way
San Diego, CA. 92104
(619) 295-8072


Pup DragZ
San Diego Puppy Patrol