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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SDLOG's February Event: Flogging 101

Feb 4, 2011 - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Joyce Beers Center
1230 Cleveland St
San Diego, Ca

Please note: This is a Men's only meeting

Come and join us in a hands on workshop in flogging, our very own Al Smith will be presenting then working with you to hone your skills.

Al Smith's first leather event was Leatherfest VIII in 1996. He was attracted to the strong image of Leathermen. Since then he's been active in several clubs including SandMen, GLO, and Club X. He is one of the founding members of SDLOG. He discovered the hard leather exterior encases a normal person inside. He identifies as a switch. His current focus is on flogging and needle play. Although he is gay, that doesn't limit who he will play with. A good scene is one where all parties benefit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Clubs Night, March 10, 2011

This event kicks off San Diego Leather Pride Week 2011! 
Thursday, March 10 from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest

Want to reach new members?

or just show off your Club or Organization?
Then join us at

All Clubs Night!

Staff an informational table!

Form a 3-person team

Compete for bragging rights and cool prizes in the Leather Olympics!

Previous winners include
Club X, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Next Gen & The Cash Cows

A photographer will be on hand to take your Club’s photos!

For more information contact Cobi at inksboy @ yahoo . com

Monday, January 17, 2011

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 19th, 8PM; LEATHER HISTORY 101 at Bourbon Street, hosted by California Leather Sir 2010 Miles B. Most people in this group may know a great deal about our culture and history,  however please pass this onto others who are new and may want to know more about our unique culture and lifestyle. Also, following this workshop California Leatherboy shawn would like to invite all the boys,  pups and subs for "boysNight Out" at Bourbon Street after this event.

Thursday, January 20th, 6PM: LEADERSHIP SUMMIT DINNER on the patio at DiMille's, hosted by Papa Tony. Inviting all interested parties who want to share ideas on building community in San Diego by using new, social-network techniques.

Friday, January 21st, 8:30PM-1AM: FRIDAY NIGHT BEAT AND GREET, downtown, hosted by Bryan Teague - American Leatherboy 2010, tiger - Ms San Diego Leather 2010, caryl - San Diego's premier Sea Monkey Trainer, and Mike Underwood - San Diego's very own Curmudgeonly teddy bear. Third Friday of each month.

Saturday, January 22nd, 10PM onward: Underwear Party at the Eagle. Well-run, sassy and loads of fun!

Sunday, January 23rd, 4PM-8PM: FETISHMEN DANCE at the Flame, hosted by Papa Tony. We'll be announcing this dance-party's monthly schedule for the rest of 2011 shortly - The end of the month doesn't work well in the long run, because of conflicts with San Diego Gay Pride, Dore Alley, Folsom Street Fair, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Here are some reviews for you to enjoy.

Sunday, February 6, 5-8PM: CIGARS & BOOTS at Redwing, hosted by California LeatherSir Miles B. First Sunday of each month. If you are interested in actively creating positive change in our local community, arrive at 4PM and meet some truly fine people!

Wednesday, February 2, 9PM: PUPPY NIGHT at the Eagle, hosted by Pup DragZ and San Diego Puppy Play (SDPP). First Wednesday of each month.

Friday, February 11, 9PM-1AM: DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN at the Eagle, hosted by Jerry A. and Josh J. This has become the biggest of our events in San Diego, and, due to popular demand, it's being held every month!  Second Friday of each month. Here are a few reviews, if you haven't been to one yet. At our January event, they had to bring the doorguard inside to help clear away empty drink containers, because the bartenders were overwhelmed with so many customers!  It was the biggest crowd I've ever seen at the Eagle. Here's a picture from our October event, which "only" had 196 attendees.

Friday, February 18th, and Saturday the 19th: Mr. San Diego Eagle Contest Weekend at the Eagle. FetishMenSanDiego will be showing up in full force at 9PM on Friday to meet the contestants and judges for the Mr. SD Eagle 2011 Contest, which will happen at the Eagle the following night. 

Saturday, February 26th, 7PM: Cowboys and Kinksters at Kickers, hosted by San Diego Gay Rodeo (GSGRA) and FetishMenSanDiego. Dance lessons, competitive games with fun prizes for contestant, and a crowd jammed with leathermen and cowboys.

San Diego Leather Pride is coming up in early March. Let's all do our part to make it a big success. I can think of several extraordinary men who would be superb candidates for Mr. San Diego Leather 2011.

- If you're going to International Mr. Leather 2011 weekend in late May in Chicago, NOW would be a really good time to make sure that your travel and lodging plans are completed.

Underwear Party at the Eagle

Note from Tony - I have heard a lot about this event up to now - David Palmer (Mr. San Diego Eagle 2010) appears to have a natural talent for getting the maximum entertainment-value out of an underwear contest. Each one seems to build upon the previous one's excitement. The crowd participation, the number of contestants (ten, this last time), and the overall fun have been real crowd-pleasers.  If you're a natural extrovert, or you like to admire them, this would be a good event for you!


From: David Palmer 

The underwear contest is this coming Saturday the 22nd, hosted by Mr. San Diego Eagle 2010 David Palmer, urging all fetish men who want to be contestants to be there by 10:00 pm, contest is at 12:00 midnidnight! Jerry A. won my last contest, and did a great job!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cowboys and Kinksters

Cowboys and Kinksters

Saturday, February 26th, 7PM until closing time.

308 University Ave
San Diego CA 92103

Cost of entry: Free. It's all about brotherhood.

Cowboys and Leathermen have always been good friends - If it wasn't for Cowboys, Leathermen wouldn't have anything to wear!

Just for fun and friendship, two of San Diego's communities are coming together for a great night of games, dancing, socializing and, ummm... checking out the talent on the other team!

It all starts at 7PM sharp, when Lee will be holding Two-Stepping lessons for absolute beginners, followed by the usual Saturday-night pleasures at Kickers.  There will be drink specials, competitive games to entertain the crowd, raffle items and a WHOLE LOT of people coming out for this event.

It'll look much more fun if everybody is dressed to impress, so be sure to wear it if you've got it!  

The idea came up because a group of leathermen come dancing at Kickers every week, and it's so very nice there.  So, why not invite the hundreds and hundreds of good-hearted men on the FetishmenSanDiego team to join up with their Rodeo buddies for a special night? The staff at Kickers are overjoyed to host us, and there will be an enormous amount of publicity beforehand.  It'll be a hoot and a ton of fun!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Big, Easy Intimacy, This Friday

FetishMenSanDiego's biggest monthly event is coming up fast:

Dress It Up/Strip It Down Party
9PM-2AM, Friday, January 14, 2011
Cost: Free of Charge
Purpose: To build friendship, brotherhood and community. 
Hosted by Jerry A. and Josh J.

If you've got sexy gear to wear, this is a great time to bring it out.  If you don't, no worries - we'd love it if you'd take your shirt off, but no pressure!

This event will be the OPPOSITE of the Internet experience; No flakes, abusers, druggies or sociopaths. Just hundreds of super-friendly, well-socialized men who know how to have joyful fun. We can make these fancy promises because ALL of our events are like that, week after week, month after month. 

If you've been sitting at home for too many years, unhappy because you feel disconnected from the larger community, you can not possibly pick a better opportunity to re-enter the Tribe. Come to this party and feel GREAT afterward.

Our events have been getting bigger very rapidly… FMSD has around 600 direct followers at the moment. That's nice, but the really valuable part is that every single one of our events have been off-the-charts friendly, warm and welcoming. Shy newbies never even get a chance to feel awkward nowadays - they just dive in head-first, leave late, and then send rave reviews afterward.

Screw the Internet.  It's harming us as a community. We don't have to settle for its shallow wastelands any more. Our demographic has been starved for communal joy, intimacy among trusted friends, and the satisfaction of knowing that we're being judged as nice guys because that's what we really want to be.

There's no reason for anybody to go into self-protective behaviors at FMSD events.  It just never shows up.  This is because we attract grown-ups.  A large number of the men who show up are "champions" by nature - basically, "cop" and "eagle-scout" types. When so many respected, valuable men are taking responsibility for the safety and well-being of the space, then it sets a wonderful tone to the evening's enjoyment. Everybody r-e-l-a-x-e-s.

So, come r-e-l-a-x with a whole BUNCH of really friendly men. You deserve that happiness too. Come get re-connected with your brothers, and be a brother for us.

We want you back, brother.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011


From: California Leather Sir 2010 Miles B.

Most people in this group may know a great deal about our culture and history, however please pass this onto others who are new and may want to know more about our unique culture and lifestyle.

Also following this workshop California Leatherboy shawn would like to invite all the boys, pups and subs out for "boysNight Out". 

Location: Bourbon Street
Wednesday Jan 19th Workshop starts at 8pm, come early at 7:30 to meet others and socialize if you want.

"boysNight Out" following starting at 10pm. A fun way for the boys, pups and subs to socialize.
Miles B

In talking with several new and young people who were interested in the Leather scene, the one thing that came up over and over was the desire to learn more about the culture.

This workshop will help you to understand:
-When and how it started. 
-How it went from a fetish to a culture. 
-Why we have protocols and what are they.
-Why we wear certain clothing and how you can learn to wear them correctly.
-Different roles and titles.

No name tags, no group introductions, no exercises ! Just fun and good information.
Hope to see you there !!
Miles B

Six-Month Status Report (Bragging)

After a little over six months of existence, FetishMenSanDiego has grown enormously.  We're about to achieve 600 direct followers in the next few days, plus hundreds more who check in periodically to see how we're doing, many of whom are from other parts of the USA and the rest of the world.

At any typical event, we add several dozen new members, because men are showing up after checking us out online, or they are bringing their friends. In both cases, the newbies are completely READY and prepared to dive right in and be a part of the fun.  As Cruise Directors for FMSD, Miles, Jerry, Josh and I have almost no work to do to convince people that it's a safe space.  Operating this group is stress-free.

This is because we have all kept our word, all along - every swinging dick in the whole group. We've all been friendly, as promised, and open-hearted, just as we should be when we are at our best. There haven't been any ego eruptions, or pissing contests (oh, wait - that sounds fun!), and everybody has been superb at every stage.


You're going to see more variety of events, more new community leaders and volunteers, revolutionary new ways of reaching the public, more coordination of efforts between different segments of the community, and damn big events. There is a LOT of new, exciting stuff in the pipeline, and I'm spending a lot of time pondering where we will all want to be in the next five, ten or twenty years.

Here's why - during this whole process of building the group, I've had the over-arching goal of bringing back what our community had, before everybody started dying:

- More connection between the generations - Mentoring, and responsibility for each others' well-being. Many young men are deeply interested in FMSD, but their previous experience with leathermen has been one of being pursued and then discarded. FMSD has never been about treating anybody different on any basis at all, so we're seeing a lot more young faces in the crowds. If we are going to have a better future, we have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder so that our young brothers can stand on our shoulders. New ideas and viewpoints are valuable.

- Support for superb, admirable leaders. When we were struggling with grief and rage over so many funerals in our community, we started tearing at each other in frustration, and it was a terrible time. We don't have that going on so much any more, and we can start having visible, honorable, and well-spoken leaders representing us to the larger community again.

- Building traditions that later generations can depend upon, and build upon. We can attain ANYTHING together, so maybe we all need to begin a conversation about what we want for the future of San Diego's FetishMen community.  Imagine annual events that fill up a host hotel, and overflow into five other hotels.  Imagine filling up the main ballroom at the Town & Country with FetishMen from all over the world, year after year.  Let's talk about it, because I don't see much difficulty in gaining any of that.


2011 is not 1998, or 1978, or 2007.  Each of those years had issues for our Tribe that don't seem to be present any longer. We're not locked down by our past.  All that I'm seeing around us is a powerful hunger for brotherhood, acceptance and communal joy. This is a world that is manifestly unwelcoming to men like us, and in order for us to do really well together, we have to have a basis for mutual trust. We've got it now, and that means that we can start making happy plans together for the future.

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