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Monday, January 12, 2015

Photos from BOUND Party at Numbers

Photos are by the ever-creative Scott Smith and Felix Moo. 
Many thanks for documenting our triumphs!

Friday, January 9, 2015.  From Papa Tony:

The men of FetishMenSanDiego were invited to bring our bondage skills to the special, bondage-themed "BOUND" edition of the monthly HARNESS party at Numbers nightclub.

As a nice coincidence, FMSD's weekly "Master Class" for Tops was being held on the night before the big party. This gave us a chance to practice our teamwork for what was coming up.

As a result, a whole bunch of Tops and bottoms showed up in a crowd for the big night. We were ready to work together to create beautiful, creative and playful experiences for the crowd that showed up.  For 2015 and beyond, the theme for all of FMSD's events will be to take full advantage of the love that we have for each other, and to accomplish team-oriented projects that cause everyone to learn and to grow.

And what a crowd it was! It was easily triple the normal attendance. Clearly, bondage is a topic that intrigues many people.

We started by assembling the six-foot-six sling-frame, and using industrial-strength plastic wrap to suspend slave bob. He was bound, gagged, butt-plugged and suspended by a large team of men who swarmed over him like ants working toward a common goal. 

Some of us were holding him steady while the work began, so that he was never in any danger. Others handed the rolls of plastic up, over, around and under, over and over again. 

When we were done, we added some decorative lights, to complete our group's performance-art piece. Then, it was time for the group photo. 

Shortly afterward, someone reported that Bob's arms were falling asleep, since they were bound behind him. In retrospect, this makes quite a bit of sense. We will know better next time.

Like magic, three men pulled out their emergency shears, and started hacking away at plastic, while the rest of us of supported bob. 

The crowd was utterly intrigued, as they watched us have so much fun together.

When bob was completely freed, we broke out in spontaneous applause, for him, and for all of us.

Now, for phase two:  BONDAGE!

Keith and Eli couldn't resist the other sling nearby...

The brothers from FMSD brought out the floggers, too!  It's always a crowd-pleaser.

Happy, happy men, an epic night, and playful interactions.  It was FUN!

From Ned:

Thanks to all who came out to HARNESS....BOUND! It was an incredible start to 2015! Incredible job Gogo Max!!! DJ Ryan Racino was on FIRE! The music was PERFECT! People danced and enjoyed themselves and even the ones who weren't dancing were moved by the music. Fetish Men SD's Special Fetish Demo had the room mesmerized! (THANKS PAPA TONY AND THE SEXY MEN OF FMSD!).

People were mesmerized.....saw a lot of new faces in the crowd!

Gogo BEEF Grant and Dan Rizzle (who filled in for a sick Larkin) were HOT! Joining the on the boxes in his Gogo Debut...Cub Club's New Pup...Gogo Steve Juarez was very sexy...and popular! Booth Boys Matt and Aaron flirted and held down the cashier booth and clothing check for all the sexy boys who decided to strip down! Thanks to Felix Moo and Scott Smith for taking pictures.... Special thanks to Anthony Coronado for all your help See you next month!

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