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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome aboard...

This blog, website, email list, and accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Recon are being used for one, single purpose:

To build community, brotherhood, trust and Tribe among gay fetishmen in San Diego, by creating events that are warm and welcoming.

We've fallen apart from each other, and the Internet is to blame. It's so easy to create a profile online and reel in some new meat, but we lose connection with the larger community in the process. We don't read the gay rags, and we don't lurk in bars as a habit. Local leaders are still trying to use old techniques to gather people together, but tired, obsolete methods don't work any more.

FMSD is a "Smart Mob", using new technologies to get the news out to people where they are, as they are, in the modern age. Our events aren't just big, they're different:

People are really, really nice to each other.

Our events include lots of hugs and laughter, and our Event Hosts go out of our way to make sure that shy newbies are properly welcomed.

Nobody wants to harsh the vibe, so everybody is on their best behavior.  The nicer you are, the more goodies you get. People want to know who is inside your exterior, rather than just judging you by the exterior alone. It's not a crotch thing (though men DO connect very nicely), it's not a competition thing (we have no A-List and no attitude is allowed), and it's not a "Are you Hung Enough/Young Enough" sort of thing.

It's a heart-to-heart brotherhood thing. Sociopaths HATE that part, and stay away as a result. Credible, reputable, respectable and admirable men get their chance to shine.

Our community has been through a lot due to AIDS, having lost so many wonderful mentors, leaders, role-models, Daddies and brothers. It's time to Gather the Tribe, find reasons to trust, enjoy and bond with each other, and have some fun like a bunch of happy three-year-olds without any cares or concerns.

Even macho, leatherbound Alpha Males need excuses to be light-hearted, frisky and playful!

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