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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Info About the Barracks Bar in Cathedral City

From: Jim N:


I am writing to you as a concerned member of GLBT communities everywhere.   As you are aware, from previous emails that I have sent to you, the liquor license of the Barrack’s Bar in Palm Springs/Cathedral City was withdrawn after a long battle over “alleged” violations.  The latest update is that a new license has been applied for and the bar will hopefully be open again soon.  

The fate of the Bar should be of concern to you all, not just to those living locally here in the desert.  Barrack’s is one of those special “destination bars”.....since many of you plan trips to the desert knowing that the Barrack’s Experience will be a major event of your visit.

John and Carl, the owners, at great personal expense, have elected to keep the bar open until the new license is obtained.  They are serving non-alcoholic beer, wine and soft drinks as their commitment to continuing to provide a gathering place here in the desert for the members of our GLBT community.   The Bar is open on Wednesday nights and Sundays.

In thanks for this commitment, a group of us gather regularly in support.  We purchase drinks, enjoy a Sunday afternoon hotdog, and tip the bartenders as a way for us to show that our community still cares.

This email is to enlist your support for this effort.  I would request that locals take the time to “drop in” during the bar’s “open” hours and that you out-of-towners put it on your schedule when you come for Pride or Leather Pride next month. 

We have seen too many of our “special” bars and restaurants go by the wayside.....let’s not let it happen to the Barracks.  A small effort on our parts will make a big difference.

Please feel free to forward this email “far and wide”.

Thanks, Jim. 

From: David G:

A message from the Barracks that I received today...

The Barracks will soon be back and kicking, same as always. We are hopeful that our alcohol license will be back in place by Leather Pride Weekend. But know that whether we have it or we don't have it by then, the Barracks will still be open on both Sundays -- Gay Pride Sunday, and Leather Pride Sunday, and we will have our "usual" beverage bust, albeit non-alcoholic if the license isn't yet in place.

We've been working very hard to get the place back in order to welcome all our friends from the various levi/leather clubs, as well as those who just like a FRIENDLY man's bar. It couldn't be simpler than that. Come and have a good time with friends and celebrate gay and leather pride!

We will also be in the Gay Pride Parade in Palm Springs on Sunday, November 4, 2012, where we can showcase our new Mr. Barracks 2013, Jonathan Rosenblatt -- a hot man if ever there was one! If you are interested in marching with our contingent please send a note to us at:john

In brotherhood,

John Rentsch and Carl Levine from the Barracks Bar

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  1. Without the Barracks, we will not be visiting Palm Springs nor Cathedral City anytime soon. Unfortunately, we have changed our plans and will be taking our gay money elsewhere this spring. I am sure we are not the only out of state potential visitors that will make other plans if this issue is not resolved soon and our beloved Barracks is back in business.

    A concerned Dallas gay couple.