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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bootblack Etiquette

Compiled by spike tranc <spiket918>

1. Don't interrupt a bootblack and customer unless you have prior permission to do so. If it's clear that what is going on is more than a "regular bootblacking" and is bordering on a scene, DO NOT STEP IN.  A tap on the bootblack’s shoulder is an easy way to get their attention without being intrusive.  

2. Don't touch someone’s kit without permission. These are like our toy bags-- you wouldn't grab someone's flogger from their bag without asking-- don't grab someone's polish/rag/brush/etc without asking first.

3. If you are a customer, pay attention to the bootblack at hand. A bootblack is not just "Hired help". They are giving you their attention, please do the same. Cruising the bar (it’s usually a higher seat and makes for a really good vantage point), or playing/being played with is acceptable and encouraged.  Playing on the phone, is not.

4. If you are a customer, please tip. Bootblack supplies aren't free. 5-20 dollars is appropriate based on what is done to your boots.

5. Bootblack does not equal submissive.  Please ask before doing any touching, fondling, or other “top-like’ activities.  

6.  Enjoy yourself.  We love what we do and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone fall in love with their leathers all over again.  

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