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Friday, January 3, 2014

Photos from "NEW YEAR, IN GEAR" INVASION, January 2, 2014

Photos by our superb Event Photographer, Scott Smith.

From Ian:

A big "Thank You" to the Ron Brundige LeatherAlpha Family (with Jon LeatherBoy Somerville and Pup Nikita) for a great kick-off to 2014. It was wonderful to catch up with friends, meet some new folks and have an amazing meal on a perfectly temperate night. DiMille's Italian Restaurant staff was exceedingly gracious, so I will be taking my Italian food needs there, for sure :-)

Pre-event publicity:

Thursday, January 2, 6:30PM: "NEW YEAR, IN GEAR" INVASION
3492 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

Please join Daddy Ron Brundige & Family for a Gear Invasion of DiMille's:

Cost will be $20 per person and includes:

- Pizza square appetizers
- Salad and bread
- All-You-Can-Eat Italian Food Buffet:
...... Lasagna With Meat Sauce
...... Lasagna With Pesto Sauce
...... Chicken Parmesan
- Mini Canolli and Italian Cookies for dessert
- Soft Drinks (Soda, Iced Tea, Lemonade)

***Alcohol is not included, BUT FEAR NOT! There is a bar on site.


If anyone has a monetary concern, please mention this in your RSVP email and we will work with you. We want EVERYONE to be able to celebrate with us.

Good information from past FMSD Gear Invasions:

"This is our opportunity to share with the greater LGBT community what we are like when we are at our best. Therefore, we can break through stereotypes they may have before engaging us. Here is an opportunity for us to break out of our usual hang outs.

We encourage you all to gear up as a visual identifier and symbol of our community. Whatever gear that you choose to express your fetish. Please remember, these are restaurants and places of business. Use good taste and adhere to the San Diego Vice Laws."

Note from Papa Tony: This will be the fourth Leather/Fetish dinner at DiMille's in the last fifteen years. The servers, management and owners are STOKED that our Tribe is coming back. They have been requesting it for years.

Fair warning, guys: DiMille's has PERFECTED the art of lasagna - Not too soft, not too dry. Perfection. It will kick-box your taste-buds! Try it with some pesto sauce, which they make from scratch. You'll have a tongue-gasm!

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