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Friday, January 3, 2014

FMSD SUPERBOWL party, Sunday, Feb. 2

Sunday, February 2nd, 2:30 - 800pm: FMSD SUPERBOWL party at Mr. Mark's house in La Costa area. All are welcomed but please wear street clothes to and from event. This is a residential area.

Come, share in food and drink as we watch sweaty men play with their balls ; maybe even watch some of the football game.

Get comfortable, show your support, wear your team colors, or favorite leathers, gear, or nothing but a collar.

There will be a hush room for the serious game watching group, a chatty game watching room. Several socializing areas, and a play area for other ball play and penalties.

Please RSVP to cbgood61 @ for address, directions, and instructions.

In your rsvp request, please indicate if you intend to bring a dish,  such your famous egg salad or casserole, etc.

Or if your willing to bring a requested item. In the rsvp response, we can assign you something to bring and share. ie, couple bottles of soda, bag of chips, dip, dessert item, simple entree item. Just something costing around five or so dollars.

Those that can not afford an item are still very welcome to come and share their wonderful company.

We also could use a few volunteers to come a little early and help set up, or help host during the event .

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