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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plans for SD Pride 2011 at the Leather Realm

Hello San Diego Leather/BDSM/Kink/Fetish Clubs & Organizations!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is crystal bleu and I am the Co-Coordinator for the Leather Realm Clubs & Organizations Committee, hosted by San Diego’s LGBT Pride Festival going July 16th & 17th this summer 2011. Leather Realm is an organization that is committed to the Leather/BDSM/Kink/Fetish lifestyles striving to help support not only our own individual paths, but the entire LGTBQ community. The San Diego Leather Realm provides on-going education, communication and understanding among, although not limited to, all participants of the Leather / BDSM / Fetish / Kink lifestyles.

I am reaching out to YOU as a vital element in San Diego’s alternative community. Leather Realm’s Clubs and Organizations Committee is devoted to outreach and making opportunity available for those seeking like spirited, kinky/fetish type folk. I am enthusiastic in bringing together clubs, organizations and groups that represent the kink & fetish community within San Diego. Here is where we display our gathered spirit, provide alliance within our kink & fetish, open up and reach out to new individuals seeking kink/fetish camaraderie from within “The Leather Realm”.

What can Leather Realm offer YOU? Literally thousands of people walk through The Leather Realm. Being given opportunity to speak openly and candidly is extraordinary. Leather Realm offers you the unique ability to share with the curious & fascinated in a focused atmosphere. Throughout your two-day experience, you will be given a FREE reserved space strategically placed in the clubs tented area* and have the option of utilizing chairs and a display table. With your submitted logo, our development team is ready to employ your logo or image within The Leather Realm’s advertising & promotion to include use on the Leather Realm website. More offers await your confirmation.
* Tented areas are available on a first come first served basis. This is based on your participation confirmation.

What does Leather Realm need from YOU? We need you to attend San Diego Pride, weekend passes available now. Leather Realm is not responsible for admission into San Diego Pride. We need your confirmed attendance so that there is adequate materials onsite for YOU. We will need your updated logo or image for the Leather Realm website.

… but wait, there's more! Besides offering you free space in the Clubs & Organizations Area of Leather Realm, there may be opportunities to speak and/or present during the two-day event, Please take this time to seize your opportunity. So without any more delays… allow me to …

Welcome You To The San Diego Leather Realm!

Go and find that box labeled club promotions and get those flyers ready! The following is a Leather Realm benefit just for you and your club/organization. Let’s get organized!!

First off, The WHENs & WHEREs
San Diego Pride-
Located in Historic Balboa Park
When: Saturday July 16 and Sunday July 17
Hours: Saturday, 12 noon-10pm & Sunday, 11 am-8pm
Location: Marston Point, Balboa Park (6th & Laurel St.)

SD Pride Parade Information:

SD Pride Festival Information:

Purchase your SD Pride Tickets Here:

We are located at the farthest SOUTH end of Marston Point (YES! We have been moved to a new location, bigger & better).

Now that we know where we will be, let’s discuss what we will be doing. The objective of Clubs area inside of The Leather Realm is Outreach and Awareness. This celebration will offer an LGBTQ friendly surroundings with a comfortable introduction to the San Diego BDSM, Kink & Fetish Community. All the while not leaving behind the excitement and thrill of the SDPride Festival. How will we provide opportunity to do so much in two days? Allow me to elaborate.

First, YOUR Leather Realm on-site Meet & Greet! Not only will you be provided a space for your Group/Club/Organization but this will be a space for you to make your own. Set-up and make arrangements to best suit you. Please ask us your questions and concerns in regards to d├ęcor. I am here for you! The Leather Realm can provide you a table with up to two folding chairs and a simple disposable table coverlette. Bring your banners, fliers, business cards &/or handouts and trinkets-a-flavor.

Next, YOUR updated logo or image displayed on a banner for The Leather Realm website. Please send me your logo, website image or banner and a brief club description (please include your own website address to be linked). Many of the links are pictures of the onsite weekend banners. From here on out your club can be included in all promotional advertising and FUN-raising.

Last, but not least, keep your eyes and ears open. Let’s keep our lines of communication functioning & effective. Below is my e-mail (same as the one on this e-letter) and my cell phone number. Please feel free to call, leave voice mails &/or texts to my cell phone.

Please reply to me, Leather Realm Club Coordinator, crystal bleu at . For further information in regards to the benefits package for contributors, please contact Christi Campbell, Ms San Diego Leather 2009 and the Leather Realm Director at . I am looking forward to speaking with you and spending a weekend with good people creating grand memories. Again, feel free to contact me with your questions, concerns or to just say hello. Until then… Thank you! We look forward to participating with YOU!

crystal bleu
Leather Realm Committee - Club Co-Coordinator

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