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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Social Column 2011-07-02


As a former military man, I find this to be exciting news. I was openly gay for the last 2-1/2 years that I was in the Navy, and I encountered no hostile reactions. Why? Because gay rights were the new civil rights in the mid-to-late 1970's. Nobody knew if it was okay to be a bigot any more, and the haters were on the run. I got out in 1979, just before Reagan came into power with his Moral Majority team that renewed calls for prejudice in the ranks. 

I see that a lot of supporters are planning to join the folks who are active-duty. I'm torn between being a part of this contingent, and the Leather contingent.


This issue is a bit delayed because I wanted to include a group picture from Wednesday evening's event.  I was unable to attend due to the neighborhood party I was hosting that same evening, but a great team of guys helped me pull the information together:

This is the first time I have ever seen such a possibility in San Diego... Not only did we send off a local titleholder to represent us at an international titleholder contest with all expenses paid, but there was MONEY LEFT OVER.  Anthony decided to use the surplus funds to thank his many supporters.

Here is Anthony's review of the event (the group picture, provided thanks to Mark Conlan, only shows some of the attendees that came through during the course of the evening):

The IML Supporters Thank You Party went well. It was nice to see every one in person, hand out my Thank you cards and give everyone Big Hugs! I was also given a "Human Relations Commission Special Commendation Award" by City Commissioner Nicole Ramirez. That was a very nice surprise. Again, thank you all for your support. Big Hugs & Leather Love! 

Now, we need to keep this as the new standard for all of the folks in San Diego's Tribe who are our ambassadors, leaders and volunteers!


JUST as I had sent off last week's overview of the California Leather Sir/boy,  Bootblack and Puppy Contest, I received word of the video that Third Rail media had posted on Youtube, showing highlights from the contest and interviews with various folks. It's fourteen minutes of pleasure that I happily recommend.

One of the folks who had captured the video has contacted me with the following request, and I'm hoping that somebody will have some good suggestions. The following video deserves to find its audience:

Hello Papa Tony,

My name is Dorjan and we met at the the California Leather Sir/boy,  Bootblack and Puppy Contest last weekend. I was with the cameraman that did the interview with you. I just wanted to follow-up for one to say hello and two, I wanted to know if you had any suggestions or contacts with the San Diego GLBT film festival? Our documentary 'Kink Crusaders' has been snubbed by both Frameline AND OutFest this year. So we kinda thought and felt that California was just not gonna happen for us. However, when we went to the contest last weekend, I felt differently. So here's our website take a look at the trailer and I'd love to see what you're thoughts are on it. It was great meeting you by the way and would love to keep in touch. Take care.

Dorjan Williams
redpill1975 @

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