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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anvil Club in the San Fernando Valley

This is a regularly-scheduled event (details below), and it's worth a trip from San Diego to check it out for yourself. Here is my own impression of how it goes:

I arrived early to the industrial park where the building is located, and said howdy to the large team of volunteers as they scurried around. As the evening progressed, more and more men showed up, largely from the Los Angeles area, but I met several men from other countries and cities. By the time that the event hit its peak, around 200 men had shown up.

And what men they were! If you like hot, handsome men of all ages in impeccable gear - Rubber, leather, uniform, sports and others, then you'll have plenty of visual pleasure. If you're new to the crowd and feeling shy as I was (yes, even Papa Tony has his moments), then just go right up and chat with anybody. I found that 100% of the men that I approached were friendly and warm.

I got out my flogger and had no trouble starting a conga-line of eager and willing playmates. There was a large social area and smaller, fully-equipped play-areas, an open bar, snacks and a check-in area for clothes, so that you could change into fetish-gear once you've arrived.

I found it to be a very satisfying event on many levels. I admire the folks who have formed such an effective team, and I will gladly go again and again.

Here is the text of the publicity:

Anvil Club is an extreme dress code club.  Think of it like a retool of our hot leather bars where everyone is in gear, the cruising is intense and you've got a convenient backrom if you're feeling adventurous.

The huge main room of Anvil Club is all about cruising and socializing in your gear.  Step through the heavy black drape at the rear of the club and take your cruising to the next level with some major darkroom action. Anvil Club is not a sex party. It's a full-on gear dress code club in a private space that features a fully equipped dungeon and a huge darkroom.

Anvil Club is men 21+ only and the dress code will be enforced. The Anvil dress code includes full leather, uniform, rubber, sports kit, skin gear, super hero, and jock strap with boots. Boots are required for everything except sports gear. Anything that screams masculine gear to the doorman is on and his word is final. A changing room and secure clothes check is available so you can get as wild as you want with your gear.

No cologne, tennis shoes (except with sport), flip flops, shorts or cell phones. Jeans, other than bleachers, are only allowed with tall boots and leather on top like a jacket, shirt or harness, or with chaps.

Tix are $30 and are only available in advance - no door sales. Tickets are available online here, or at our local LA retailers 665 Leather, Rough Trade and Syren/Stockroom.  Doors open at 9 PM and the club goes until 3 AM.  Full open bar and complimentary bootblack are included in your admission.

Stop pissing on yourself that nobody ever gears up to go out, and get your ass to Anvil Club

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