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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Social Column


I haven't been paying close-enough attention - Bearquake is in mid-October, hosted by our own Bears San Diego. This used to be called SunBears Weekend, but now that it is a multi-club event covering all of Southern California, it is now called BearQuake. The explanation is here. I expect to be at a few events, sniffing and nuzzling and sharing some hugs!


A lot of men will be out of town this weekend, since Folsom Street Fair is this Sunday. The days leading up to it in San Francisco will be crazy-busy, with men in full gear wandering the streets looking for trouble, and shopping their butts off at Stompers and Mister S.  I'll be in San Diego, myself - Gotta restrict the expenditures leading up to refinancing, but my thoughts will be with everybody up in the City.

-=-=-=-=-=- CIGARS & BOOTS

I think that my favorite part of the Cigars & Boots monthly event (coming up in a week and a half) is the quality of the men attending it.  The best word that I could use is "amiable" - It's a no-pressure, no-attitude event, and the more times that somebody attends, the more blissed-out they get. You're going to laugh, but Facebook deleted this picture from a previous cigars event, because it offended somebody. Now, really - Have you EVER seen such a blissfully happy face? Miles is the very capable host, and here is his message for October:

October is coming up so that means it's time for October's Cigar and Boots
October 2nd, 5pm @ Redwing

Hey folks, Miles here,
We're having another cigar social Oct. 2nd @ 5pm.  Hopefully, you'll be able to swing by  and hangout some.  Come kick back, smoke a few and tell some stories

For anyone who hasn't been to our monthly social,  It's a great time to relax and chat with friends. 
Also if you're looking to make some new contacts and meet new people, you should definitely stop by. Don't come to impress though, everyone is really chill and down to earth.  Even if you don't smoke there's plenty of space to spread out and socialize.  

Redwing will have their Sunday beer bust again.  Some folks takes advantage of by coming early to enjoy the Redwing's beer bust from 2p-6p.
Hope to see you there

I goofed last week, and forgot to make the most-recent group photo from the Dress It Up event easier to find.  Here ya go, and enjoy!


The good folks at Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD) have been busy passing around the newest news about Palm Springs Leather Pride.  It's worth attending, so check it out!  Our own local champion Mr. San Diego Leather 2010 and 2nd runner up for International Mr. Leather 2011 Anthony will be one of the judges!


The Crypt (all stores, such as 30thPark, and in Long Beach) are having quite a big sale, ending September 30th. They are seriously looking to clear out some inventory! Here's what I saw:

Stop by this month and check out our Sale! All leather items including clothing & BDSM gear are 20% off,  All DVDs $19.99 and up are 30% off,  and All Elbow Grease and Fusion Lubes are 10% off.

You will definitely want to print this image out and take it even for even more of a discount.

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