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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Upcoming Events


After a year and a half, FMSD continues to grow in membership. The quality of the attendees at our events is becoming more and more apparent. When I first started the group, I was frantically trying to get the group's engines revving, and I felt that it was crucial to build some momentum. Well, that worked out great, but now we have reached a wonderful point of brotherhood for the men who are the most active with the group.

Now, it's all about the relaxing together. San Diego's kinky male community is mellow, unified, peaceful, and brotherly. As a result, we're seeing a LOT of younger men showing up and staying around for more events. For the last few decades, this had not been the case. There are many events in town that cater to the younger crowd, hosted by groups such as the Puppy Patrol, TNG and CubClub. Everybody is now mixing and mingling together in amiable good will.

To me, this is a sign of a robust and thriving community. When big, high-status community events come up such as the Mr. San Diego Eagle contest (usually in February), San Diego Leather Pride including the Mr. San Diego Leather Contest (usually in March) and the upcoming 2nd Annual Meatball Turkey Day Dinner, we pull together in massive numbers. In each of those cases from last year, an outside observer would notice how kind everyone is. When it is time for the crowd to be quiet in order to hear a speech, the entire gathering goes DEAD SILENT, out of sheer courtesy.  Many communities in other cities would gladly pay a million bucks for that kind of camaraderie.

As you can see below, we have a lot of regularly-scheduled events coming up, with a few special events in the mix.  If you haven't been out for a while, you couldn't wish for a better environment for building new, real and lasting friendships. We're just getting started!


Wed. Oct. 19, 2011, 7-11PM: TNG social event at Bamboo Lounge. TNG stands for "The Next Generation", which is a kinky social group for younger men and women from 18 to 35 years old. This particular event is in the style of a group discussion.

Wed. Oct. 19, 7-9PM: MEN'S MONTHLY DISCUSSIONS, hosted by FetishMenSanDiego and San Diego League of Gentlemen. Moderated by Papa Tony. This has turned out to be ideal for building friendships by getting to know men outside of the bar/cruising scene.

Thu. Oct. 20, 9-11PM; Yellow Hankie Beverage Bust at the Eagle. Third Thu. of each month.

Fri. Oct. 21, 8:30PM-1AM: Fri. NIGHT BEAT AND GREET, downtown, hosted by Bryan Teague - American Leatherboy 2010, tiger - Ms San Diego Leather 2010, caryl - San Diego's premier Sea Monkey Trainer, and Mike Underwood - San Diego's very own Curmudgeonly teddy bear. Third Fri. of each month. This is a GREAT educational event if you want some hands-on training in a safe environment.

Fri. Oct. 2, 10:30pm: COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS at the Eagle. This time around, you'll be sharing quality-time with Dayton O'Connor.

Sat. Oct. 22, 10pm: Underwear Party and Contest at the Eagle. Hosted by Mr. SD Eagle 2011 Kane. Fourth Sat. of each month.
Wed. Nov. 2, 9PM: PUPPY NIGHT at the Eagle, hosted by Beep and San Diego Puppy Play (SDPP). First Wed. of each month.
Wed. Nov. 2, 7-9PM: MEN'S MONTHLY DISCUSSIONS, hosted by FetishMenSanDiego and San Diego League of Gentlemen. Moderated by Papa Tony. This has turned out to be ideal for building friendships by getting to know men outside of the bar/cruising scene.
Thu. Nov. 3, 9-11PM: Yellow Hankie Beverage Bust at the Eagle. First and Third Thu. of each month.

Fri. Nov. 4, 7-9PM; SDLOG educational event: This month's topic is Sounds and Pumping. First Fri. of each month. at the Joyce Beers Community Centerbetween the Terra and Aladdin restaurants by Ralph's supermarket on University.

Sat. Nov. 5, 5-8PM: The 2nd Annual Meatball Turkey Day Dinner will be on the weekend before Palm Springs Leather Pride. Be sure to read my review from a year ago, and get there early! Last year's event was a breakthrough, showing how San Diego's community can pull together and overbook a major fundraiser at a huge auditorium. The folks in charge of it are the best guys that I know, and they have a lot of excellent talent, volunteers and well-wishers lined up behind them. I plan to be there, taking Social Column pictures all night. It's going to be that kind of event.

Sat. Nov. 5, 9PM-2AM; BearNight Dance at Numbers. $5 cover. First Sat. of each month. Lots of leathermen attend this event, and it comes highly recommended… Here are some reviews.
Nov. 5 & 6: Palm Springs Pride

Sun. Nov. 6, 5PM, CIGARS & BOOTS on the patio at Redwing Bar & Grill, hosted by California LeatherSir 2010 Miles B. First Sun. of each month. If you like a low-pressure, comfortable event with men that you can relate to, this one is for you.
Fri. Nov.11, 9PM-1AM: DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN at the Eagle; 2nd Fri. of each month. It's the nicest, friendliest crowd you'll see at a leather bar. Here are a few reviews, if you haven't been to one yet. Dress to impress if you've got the gear, or show us some skin - I promise you'll be glad that you did. Here are some pictures from Oct.FebruaryMarchAprilJune and September. Notice how HAPPY everybody is. You deserve to be that happy too.

Sat. Nov. 12, 9PM onward: UNIFORM NIGHT at the Eagle. Wear Military Gear or Civil Uniform Gear. Second Sat. of each month.
Nov. 12 & 13: Palm Springs Leather Pride

Sat. Dec. 17th, 9PM-3AM: ANVIL CLUB up in the San Fernando Valley. I give it a rave review here.

Fri. Dec. 30, 8:30PM-1AM: MEN-ONLY Fri. NIGHT BEAT AND GREET, downtown, hosted by Bryan Teague - American Leatherboy and Mike Underwood - San Diego's very own Curmudgeonly teddy bear. The Men-Only version is on the FIFTH Fri. of each month, such as March 30, June 29, August 31 and Nov. 30th of 2012. There will be hands-on training for folks who want to learn from experts in a very safe environment.

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