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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm going to take a moment to editorialize about BearNight, the dance-party on the first Saturday of every month at Numbers… 

Some of you are too young to remember the Good Olde Days before the Internet, when men HAD to assemble in huge crowds in leather bars in order to cruise, socialize and feel connected to a larger community. It was extremely Tribal, and for those of us who were attracted to masculine men, it could get pretty damned exciting.

Nowadays (I'm very glad to say), this Saturday's fourth-anniversary special BearNight will be a near-perfect example of what I remember from BULC, RAMPART, or any of San Diego's previous high-point leathermen's dance-parties of the 70's, 80's and 90's. It's a time-slice of how things used to be, and I'm astonished that such a thing is still possible. I'm guessing that the Internet can provide a lot of activities, but you just can't dance well in front of a webcam with earphones on. Men still need to get out from their homes for the primal pleasures.

As I have said before, I assign the credit for this to Chris Vance. He's a champion by nature, who works every BearDance like a man-machine. He makes sure that every man there has a safe, welcoming and effective environment to go play in.  I am a dancing FetishMan - I dance wildly, with no inhibitions, and if I'm there, I always get the party started. I have the comfort-zone to do this because Chris is there to handle everything else. We can all depend on him, 100% of the time. Now that BearNight is celebrating a full four years of success, he deserves all credit for building and maintaining the team that keeps the adrenalin, sweat and testosterone pumping. We don't have to wish we could re-live the Good Old Days, because they are happening RIGHT NOW.

I'll see you all on Saturday - I'll be there early, getting the dance-floor warmed up for the rest of you!

From: Chris Vance:

BearNight is celebrating its 4 year anniversary this saturday, so it should be a great night. Free gift to the first 300 people, 100 of them are custom BearNight t shirts I designed and then 200 BearNight Mix CDs. 

Free Svedka hosted bar from 9-10pm with Celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz as seen on A-List New York, RuPauls drag race and Kathy Griffin's My life on the D List. He will be promoting his new photo book 'Pretty Masculine" with proceeds going to GMHC.

See you there.

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