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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Men's Discussions

First and Third Wednesday of each month, 7-9:30PM.

What it's about: Originally, this discussion-series was supposed to be an experiment, but it took off like a rocket. It's designed to be a way for men to meet in a quiet, safe space and share what is on our minds on topics such as relationships, sex, techniques, philosophy, our personal histories, and what is important to us at the moment.

The group is never too big, or too small - It's always lively, friendly and never, ever boring. It's NOT locked-in, inflexible or particularly focused - the discussions get going where they need to go, and there isn't much filler - It's juicy stuff.

The way to tell if it's a success is to notice what happens during the break. NOBODY wants to leave... It's all yak-yak-yak between excited, happy and secure men, with nobody sending texts or browsing Grindr, ignoring the men around them.

We are all intensely interested in the new guys, who fit in right away.  It's a warm, welcoming space where we can share wisdom, ask questions without anybody judging us, and have our names be remembered by guys that we like.

In short, we are providing what the Internet can't - Body-language, pheromones and hugs. If this sort of thing interests you, come check us out. I promise that you will be very welcome.

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