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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social Column


I admit it - I have a soft spot in my heart for Special DeliveryRuth is the closest thing that I know of to being a true saint on earth. She has been running SD for over two decades, and her dedication to the cause of feeding those in need is complete and authentic.

Special Delivery doesn't get big government grants, and sometimes the shelves are empty, despite their best efforts. 91 percent of their income goes directly to their hundreds of clients, who are in great need. Many high-profile groups can't say as much, and sometimes we need to be cautious about where our donations go. The volunteers work tirelessly, and the place rarely closes.

As time goes by, I will briefly mention events that benefit Special Delivery. I promise to not to make it a big deal, but I do want to help these fine folks when I can.  Here is the first one:

Sun. Mar. 25, 4-7PM: POUR YOUR SUPPORT FOR SPECIAL DELIVERY benefit at Jakes. Wine-tasting and dinner.

I don't do much talking about fundraisers here on the list, because I don't want FMSD to be perceived as just another sneaky way to treat people as cash-dispensers. Money is tight in the current economy, and I know that it's hard to find a way to donate to others. I will try to limit the appeals, because they are endless in our modern culture.


This is being organized by Michael, who shows up at most of the FMSD gear events (with a slave on a leash, or uniform, or in serious spandex), and now he's organizing one of his own Gear Nights.   Most guys never shift from Complaint Phase ("How come nobody ever does anything that I want?") to Action Phase ("I'm the man to do it!"). 

Let's reward that kind of leadership:

From: Michael, <>

Saturday, March 03, 2012 · 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Pecs Bar
2046 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104
Cost:      $0 - Support the bar - Get drinks!
Dress code:        Gear - Uniform, Latex, Wetsuits, Lycra, Leather, Sports

Got gear? Want to show it off? Come on out to Pecs on Saturday, March 3 from 9pm to 1pm. Wear your uniform, your lycra/spandex, your latex, your leather, your sports gear, and bondage. The more gear the better!  I encourage full gear when possible, but all are welcome in any amount. We all live in this town, we're all kinksters, so let’s kink up the place!


This whole "Puppy" phenomenon (and yes, it is taking off like a serious phenomenon) is something that puzzles many people, so I asked Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012 First Runner-Up Pup Beep, the dynamic young man who runs the VERY successful Puppy Play nights at the Eagle, to tell us more about what is happening:

I get the question, "What is puppy play/ What is puppy night?", ALL the time, and it can be difficult answering sometimes.

Puppy Night is always the first Wednesday of the month at The San Diego Eagle. What started out as a regularly slow, Wednesday night has turned into one of The Eagle's most popular nights! I think the key to this is simple, which is NO other bar or club is doing anything like this in San Diego! It's different, interesting, and most importantly, fun!  In fact, a good number or people who come to Puppy Night regularly don't even identify as pups or they're not 'into' puppy play. They just keep coming back out of curiosity and love the energy Puppy Night has. Plus, puppies love attention, so outsiders are always welcomed with sniffs, nuzzles, and woofs.
Things you'll always be able to expect or see/hear on any given puppy night would be barking, howling, nuzzles, sniffing, drinking out of dog bowls, playing in cages (or the kennel), being walked on leashes, collars, tails, chew toys, and treats (eating out of another ones hand) just to name a few! Pups have an array of various fashions such as wrestling singlets, knee and wrist pads (since some are walking on all fours a lot), full body rubber or latex suits, puppy masks, leather, and many others!
The great thing about Puppy Night or just puppy play in general is all the different kinds of pups it involves. I do the best I can to bring out all types and make them feel welcomed. You'll see traditional pups who are very obedient and submissive looking for trainers or masters if they don't have one already, and then you'll see the strays, who are the exact opposite and like to run wild and stand on their own. Plus, everything in between, including various packs that have started to form amongst pups outside the bar. Also, an important thing to remember is YES, there are female pups!!! Last Puppy night I was happy to see more women involved and participating!
In the beginning I did a lot of marketing and advertising until the event picked up some steam. Lately, I've noticed I had to do less and less marketing, and it appears 'word-of-mouth' is spreading like wild fire. People are talking about the event and are genuinely intrigued and want to learn more which is great! I highly recommend the event to anyone who think they may enjoy it, are curious, or just flat out want to experience something different and let loose with the pups for a night! It's a howling fun time! Woof!

Let me know if  there is anymore information I can give you and thanks again for the interest!

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