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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review of the First Anniversary STUD Night

On Friday, September 14, the men of FetishMenSanDiego came together at the Eagle to enjoy our monthly DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN gear night. On this one night, the Eagle was also celebrating its first-year anniversary STUD NIGHT (an excuse to bring men out to meet porn stars up close!)

Not only that, but Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron and his crew were fundraising for AIDS WALK 2012, featuring Eagle bartender Robb Rodd manhandling generous donors in a massage chair to raise money for charity.

This event was so popular, there was a line outside the Eagle that lasted until 1:30AM! The best part was that it was one of our largest gatherings of men in gear - Harnesses, leather, fetishwear and some eye-popping ensembles. I wish I had thought to call everybody outside for a group photo, but at midnight, the lights went OUT, and the men were rather distracted from that point onward...

We were joined by three beautiful men who are well-known in the local porn industry - Preston Steel, Dominik Ryder, and Dayton O'Connor. Dominik was our guest from Orange County, while Preston and Dayton are currently very active and effective community leaders here in San Diego. Preston hosts the Yellow Hankies nights at the Eagle on the first and third Thursday of each month, and Dayton hosts the Puppy Play Night on the first Wednesday of each month.

Preston did a superb job of running the event. He is a natural, charismatic Master of Ceremonies, interviewing Dominik and Dayton, keeping things moving along briskly, handing out goodies to the crowd, and keeping the drunken rowdies in line. The goodies included porn DVD's, and signed posters from the recent, stunningly powerful photo-session to promote Eagle events.

That's Ron on the left, picking up the posters he won. Ron's going to be running for Mr. San Diego Leather next year.

Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron showed his red Nasty Pig jock and won a porn DVD, and got to take Dominik's tank top off.

If anybody out there is STILL trying to say that "nothing ever happens in San Diego's leathermen's community," he's living in his own reality.  We are now at the point where every event is growing in size and friendliness.  

Out-of-towners at the this event were pleasantly shocked at how joyful, unified and LOUD everybody was. The Tribal roar was incessant once the main event was over.  Over and over again, I'd ask a new guy what the sound signified to him, and every one of them said that we all sounded very happy.

That's San Diego for you!

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