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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flogging in the Dark - Video and Links

From Papa Tony:

Click here for video - Be aware that the effect is MUCH more impressive in real life - the camera simply does not capture the glory of it.

Here in San Diego, we have an ever-growing army of Flogging Tops (I teach them).  We like to show up at public events, such as:

STUD Night at the Eagle, on the third Friday, every other month, such as Sept. 19, 2014,

Leather Daddy on the fourth Friday of each month at Numbers, and

Harness, held on the second Friday of each month, also at Numbers.

We show up, and we play.  This activity tends to attract men who eagerly hope to be played with, usually for the first time. These Tops have been trained to work VERY well with beginners, and to thrill the heck out of them.

The PROBLEM with playing in a dark, noisy bar is that it's hard to put on a proper show - People can HEAR what's happening ("smack, smack, smack, POW!"), but seeing is difficult.  These pictures were taken with a flash, so the sheer darkness is hard to imagine.

We are now starting to incorporate lights into the play - Modern technology makes it inexpensive and easy:

I picked up a ton of glow-in-the-dark necklaces, and used wide, clear packing-tape to attach the ends together, to decorate the handles of the floggers.

This long exposure SORT OF demonstrates the effect.

I still wasn't satisfied, and did more research online.  I found these fiber-optic hair decorations, and I LOVE them for my floggers.  They are cheap, and I'm sure they aren't particularly durable (I plan to super-glue the fiber bundle into the battery-pack), but they really work well for what I have in mind.

My goal is to have a whole row of Flogging Tops at a fun, crowded event, and all of us are entertaining the hell out of the folks around us. We will have sound, motion, and be able to see what we are striking, no matter how dark the bar is.

This is what the floggers look like with the barrettes attached.

and then in action...

UPDATE:  I've started looking at "Fiber Optic Whips" from various manufacturers.  I bought some cheap, crappy, way-off-brand ones (shown above, already falling apart after an hour or so of use), just to see what would happen.  They were flimsy (only about six bucks each, and I taped two pairs together), but they definitely encouraged me to find out even more about the durable, high-quality versions that cost more, but are worth it!  They are more "sting" than "thud", but there is a place in the world for that.

I'm also learning about "POI", and I'm seriously studying the moves.  With traditional, kinky-style flogging, you go whack-whack-whack, where it's all about the percussion.  However, if I'm putting on a SHOW, then I can step back, do some well-lit, complicated maneuvers and then move in for more percussion.  As I discovered at the HARNESS party a couple of days ago, this is a SERIOUS crowd-pleaser.

What we have done in the old days, BEFORE lit-up toys:

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