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Thursday, June 18, 2015

FMSD 5th Anniversary/Gear Invasion

From Papa Tony:

7PM on Wednesday, June 24th, at Urban Mo's at the corner of Third and University:

308 University Ave
San Diego CA 92103-3009

Dress Code: Whatever makes you feel SEXY.

The men of FetishMenSanDiego will not meeting at our usual Wednesday night space.  In honor of five very successful years of operation as a kinky brotherhood, we will be celebrating at Urban Mo's. I will be buying appetizers, and the first round of sodas or other beverages. That is my gift of gratitude for my beloved brothers. You are the heart and soul of FMSD.

The plan is to be open, friendly, sociable and inviting to the men around us, and maybe picking up a few new members as we swap stories about our experiences as brothers.  Every time that we have done this, we have always had a thoroughly satisfying time.

A Bit of History:

FMSD was created to be something NEW and forward-thinking.  No by-laws, elections or membership fees.  The goal was to supply what the Internet can not, and never will, provide… Brotherhood, trust, relaxation and affection.

As you can see from our massive, massive photo-archives, we have continued to succeed despite a few challenges that have arisen at times. They were all just speed-bumps, and we just kept sailing along.  Thanks to the MANY men who have shared their time, wisdom, expertise and dedication, the FMSD phenomenon just keeps getting better and better.

FetishMenSanDiego was designed all along to be a welcoming space for new, innovative ideas.  Our flexibility and diversity have been our biggest strengths.  Every man who wants to be a leader can be, with a large support-system. Volunteers are loved and thanked, and everyone is treated with respect.

As has been said elsewhere, we are not Old Guard, and we are not New Guard:

We are PREHISTORIC GUARD.  We are Tribal.  In a fully-functional Tribe, everybody brings their best efforts and energies in a cooperative way.  Each individual is treasured the way that they are, and growth is encouraged.

That's why nothing ever really goes wrong at any of our hundreds and hundreds of events.  We have attracted the best sort of men, who live by their word, and who provide the best-possible role-models.

FMSD is sailing-along comfortably.  The brotherhood is always present, the cooperation is universal, and our future is assured.  Let's have many more anniversary celebrations!

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