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Monday, July 13, 2015

This Week: Stories from the Old Days

Men's Discussion, Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From Papa Tony:

In honor of this next weekend's San Diego Pride festivities (centering around the Leather Realm), some of our older brothers will be telling personal stories about what life was like for gay leathermen, back a few decades ago… Back before Internet dating, cruising apps, or even ancient BBS systems.

Back when the infamous Hanky Code was NEEDED to filter through hundreds of men in the bar every weekend.  Back when what we did was a LOT more illegal.

No, not all of us died.  Some of us made it through, and can now tell our stories to a new generation. There will be a LOT of "History on the Hoof" in the room!

Mark Holmes and Steve Heyl will be our treasured, special guests, and everyone else is very welcome to speak up with your own memories - It will probably run long, because the guys are EAGER to be talking!  I will be keeping the conversation flowing.

Starts: 7PM.  Get there early to socialize.

Location:  Stomping Ground, at Hotel Circle in Mission Valley.

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