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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Upcoming Master Class: FLOGGING, ALL LEVELS

When: Thursday, October 22nd, 7PM

Cost: $10 for non-members of The Stomping Ground

FLOGGING, ALL LEVELS: Papa Tony will be guiding eager Flogging Tops with their individual technique (at ANY level of expertise, including 100% newbies), their ability to “read” the bottom, and establish trust with beginners. Flogging bottoms are quite welcome for obvious reasons, and will be encouraged to give clear feedback.  The overall goal is happier, satisfied bottoms, by training Tops to be excellent in all cases.

Watching this one-hour video beforehand (and a flogger, for the Tops!) are PREREQUISITES for the class, so that we can get to the good stuff right away.

Folks who don’t watch the video first, might get left behind, because we have a lot to cover!

About the Master Classes, held on the Second and Fourth Thursdays of each month:

The ongoing “semester” of Master Classes focus primarily upon “soft skills” - Life-wisdom, coping-mechanisms, interpersonal skills and philosophical foundations for becoming the wise, respected and successful Dom that you were always meant to be.  You can find “hard skills” (specific, step-by-step techniques for kink) - anywhere online, and in our beautiful town of San Diego. 

It’s a lot harder to find ways to SUCCEED at using those techniques - that sort of information doesn’t show up on the Internet, and what if you are looking for a SPECIFIC answer to what is not working well in your own case?  There simply aren’t enough patient, caring and accessible mentors around, and having an old-timer who genuinely cares about your success can make all of the difference. Papa Tony created these classes as a way to spread the mentoring around, within a wider audience - Female and male, all kinds. Our diversity is our strength.

As we gay leathermen have been saying for a long, long time, “Even Daddies Need Daddies”.  That goes for Mommies, too. We don’t have this sort of deep knowledge directly-wired into our chromosomes, and we need to watch and learn and TRY things, with affectionate and supportive feedback. We can get really tired of negative feedback from others as a primary way of learning.  Let’s all do the positive-reinforcement thing instead!

Papa Tony has actively been part of the kink/leather/fetish community since 1977, and a community leader since 1981. He has recently retired as an active leader, describes himself as a Tribal Elder, and now concentrates upon mentoring others in their quest to reach their next level, whatever that may be. Papa Tony has been mentoring Tops, Doms and Sirs for a long, long time.

The goal is always to pass on what he learned in the last 38+ years, as a repayment for the superb mentoring that he received, before AIDS swept his mentors away. Examples of his work may be found all over the Internet - All are welcome!

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