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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Events This Weekend

From Papa Tony:  Now that the holidays are behind us, local events are starting up again.  We have two events (at least) this weekend, with many, many more on the way.  Doriam has been setting up the social calendar for the last few weeks, and he'll have plenty to say about that, soon.

Flogging Friday at the Eagle: Friday, January 6, 9PM:

The best Flogging Tops will be at the Eagle this Friday, and throwing floggers around.  Come be a part of the fun, because you will be in very safe hands!

Cigars & Boots @ Redwing on the patio, Saturday, January 7, 4-7PM:

Doriam, with Pup Rubble

There will be quite a crowd on the patio, for several reasons:

- There will be a fundraiser for the Mr. Drummer Travel Fund, with pies being pushed into the faces of folks who you might know quite well (I'm one of them).  It's all good fun, and…

- This will be the general public's first chance to meet up with Doriam, who is taking over the reins of running FetishMenSanDiego.  He's a great guy, and needs to know who is willing to support him in his many dreams for the group's future.

Come on out!

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