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Monday, January 28, 2019

Huge New Resource: The Kink Mentoring Archive

From Papa Tony:

Back in December 2018, Tumblr went kablooey.  It didn't just take down porn blogs.  It also took down many blogs written by wise, kind and deeply experienced kinky folks.

Using special tools, I have been digging through the wreckage to find the treasures that have proven to be so valuable for so many.  I have been curating the collection: gathering articles together, re-formatting them for clarity and re-posting them in a safe space:

The Kink Mentoring Archives

As of January 28, there are 534 articles, instructional videos and audio recordings, and many more are on the way, in categories such as:

Submissives, Slaves & Littles - Looking for mentoring? Here are massive amounts of relatable advice. Scroll through the whole thing.

Doms, Daddies & Masters - Many, MANY mentoring, opinion and advice articles, meant to help dominants to reach their next level, and beyond.

Advice & Soft Skills - Learn solid interpersonal skills, and to overcome obstacles in healthy ways

Opinions - Sharing some ideas that might work well for others

How-To: Hard Skills - Covering technical skills that will last you a lifetime

Consent - Consent is one of the biggest themes of BDSM—if you don’t know that, you really need to read up before you pick up a paddle. BDSM is built on a system of “safe, sane, and consensual.“

Dating and Relationships - Personal stories and advice, from those who have lived and learned.

Social Skills, Etiquette and Fitting In - How to succeed in the larger kinky community, and as a self-loving kinky person. You are NOT going to find this kind of information anywhere else.

Sub Drop, Dom Drop and Aftercare - Let’s understand the psychology and physiology of how Doms and subs may similarly experience a “drop” after a session!

Books for Kinky Folks - Recommended reading material, to help in gaining wisdom and personal growth.

Checklists, Communication and Negotiation - BDSM Play Partner Check List • Can I Get That In Writing: Basics of Negotiations • If I Ever See Another Checklist I Will Scream: An Extremely Thorough Play Checklist • What Are Negotiations Good For?

Valuable Links & Lists - Providing access to many more resources

Mental Health, for Kinky Folks - MANY resources and useful life-experiences.

Reviews and Toys - How to save money, time and wasted energy when shopping for kinky gear.

Thousands of folks all over the world have discovered this massive library, and are gaining wisdom from it.  There is a good chance that what you will find there will save you a LOT of guessing on your own!

Please help to spread the word!

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