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Friday, December 10, 2010

Leadership Summit Dinner at DiMille's

Please share this message with others who might be interested:

Inviting all folks who want to share ideas on building community in San Diego by using new, social-network techniques.

Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 6PM to 9PM.

RSVP required beforehand (see the bottom of this message for details)

DiMille's Italian Restaurant (we'll be meeting out on the patio)
3492 Adams Ave, San Diego CA 92116 (on the corner of 35th and Adams in Normal Heights)
(619) 283-3153

This is NOT a sales event. It's a way for us to learn from each other and to reinforce friendships between diverse groups in town.

Who is invited: Anyone in San Diego's community who wants to:

- Help somehow in building a better community
- Volunteer effectively
- Build a constituency that grows over time
- Shift their affinity-group into the next phase

We want ALL levels of experience, from complete newbies, to grizzled old-timers like me.  If you have a fire in your belly because you want to make a powerful difference in the world, you're in. We want Bears, Leathermen and Leatherwomen, Rodeo, Sisters, Imperial Court, Pups, Rubber, Pansexual, and more. The sort of people who are invited are what I call "The Golden Core": the ten percent of any club that achieve ninety percent of the results. People who do good works out of the goodness of their hearts. We have a lot in common.

In 1998, there were 26 affinity-groups dedicated to kink/leather/fetish. Now, very few are able to keep their heads above water because the Internet has vaporized our community. Our entire culture is becoming socially retarded because we are all losing our ability to connect with the larger community on more than a trivial ADHD level.  It's slowly killing off clubs of every kind.

That's the bad news.  

The good news is that we have new tools available to us online that allow us to grow our constituencies and build even better affinity-groups that offer what the Internet does NOT, and never will. I'll be sharing what I've been discovering in my work with FetishMenSanDiego (right around 670 followers as of mid-January 2011, up from zero in June 2010, with 58 new members in the last seven days). I also want to learn from others what my elderly brain has difficulty absorbing on its own. Let's all share new ideas, brainstorm together, and share friendship. New, wacky ideas will be greatly valued and encouraged. Young people with youthful ideas will be celebrated.

The folks at DiMille's are eager to host our crowd.  Please RSVP with papatony AT mac DOT com if you want to get on the list, so that the staff can plan for the proper number of attendees.

Al Saadia has volunteered to write up what has been discussed, on an ongoing basis, for the benefit of the people who can't attend due to constraints of distance or time.

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