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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Upcoming Events

There are some events coming up quite soon:

- Friday, December 3rd, 7-9PM:  Annual Winter Inter-Club Holiday Party. It'll be a hoot, and we will be very, VERY welcome there.

- Sunday, December 5th, 5-8PM:  Cigars, Boots & Beer at Redwing. I'll be celebrating my 55th birthday at this event!

- Friday, December 17th, 8:30PM-1AM; Friday Night Meet & Beat downtown San Diego.

The rest of December is going to be locked-up with holiday parties at the office and in your families, so let's enjoy some time off.

- We will NOT be holding the next FetishMen Dance three days after Christmas day.  The next one will be on January 30th, and we will be pushing hard to promote it as a big, splashy monthly event.

Things are going to get VERY INTERESTING after the first of the year:

- I'll be gathering together a team of dedicated men to make plans for 2011 and beyond. The key themes will be innovation and risk-taking, along with solidifying the best favorites of the recent past. I'll be making announcements on this topic in a few weeks.

- I plan to hand away the keys to successful events such as DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN and CIGARS, BOOTS & BEER,  empowering new leaders in our community to run them as monthly events. I see my role as the guy who kick-starts the engine on new, experimental events, and then hands them away to trusted, enthusiastic, and community-minded men, so that they can get their chance to shine, and build their credibility.`

San Diego Leather Pride is coming up in early March. Let's all do our part to make it a big success. I can think of several extraordinary men who would be superb candidates for Mr. San Diego Leather 2011.

- If you're going to International Mr. Leather 2011 weekend in late May in Chicago, NOW would be a really good time to make sure that your travel and lodging plans are completed.

- New, highly-motivated leaders are rising in our midst who want to schedule regular play-parties, and to resurrect the Red Hankies group. Needless to say, let's all pitch in to help them achieve their dreams!  I'll have more news later on.

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