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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kane wins Mr. San Diego Eagle for 2011

Current and former Mr. San Diego Eagle titleholders, from left to right: Russ Mortenson (2007), David Palmer (2010), Kane (2011), Scott Moats (1996) and Mike Little (2008).

San Diego,  California,  February 19,  2011:

The San Diego Eagle was packed to capacity with leatherfolk,  in spite of the rainy weather outside. The crowd included visitors from Germany,  all over California and the Netherlands. They were all there to cheer on one of San Diego's longest-running traditions in our local leather community - The Mr. San Diego Eagle titleholder contest.

The fabulous Roxy was the evening's emcee. She charmed the crowd with her affectionate humor, and kept the timing of the event nice and tight, with the capable help of the event's producers.

She also made sure that the contestants had a quiet environment to share their visions for the future, during their ninety-second speeches. This wasn't hard to do,  because San Diego's leathermen have been unified in brotherhood for months now,  and attended this event in the spirit of support and Tribe. We just got rowdy AFTER the contest, when the lights went down!

The contest included the traditional elements:

 - Introducing the contestants in bar leather
 - Maximum skin on display while being interviewed onstage
 - The ninety-second speech

Contestants Kane and Pup Phoenix competed for the title,  and it was clearly a close race,  despite their nearly-opposite responses to the rapid-fire one-minute free-association question round, indicating their personal tastes in kink. It's amazing what you can learn about somebody in this fashion!

From left to right: First Runner-Up Pup Phoenix, and Mr. San Diego Eagle 2011 Kane.

The judges made their final decisions, the title was passed onward by many dedicated predecessors, the stage was disassembled, the crowd got extra-friendly, and the party went on through the night!

Now that the fuss is over, both Kane and Pup Phoenix are making plans to work closely with the Eagle's staff, creating new, exciting events that raise money for charity, build brotherhood (particularly between the generations) and bring on the next phase in our community's history. Their youth,  idealism and energy are what we need!

Both contestants are members of FetishMenSanDiego, as were approximately 80% of the audience that night. In fact, this event added enough new men to bring us to over 800 members! FMSD is the fastest-growing leathermen's group on earth, and the enrollment rate is increasing. The respect shown to the contestants during this event was not unusual,  because all FMSD events are generous in nature, with respect and brotherhood for all.

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