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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reviews of DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN; February 2011

Friday's DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN event was our biggest event ever.  As Josh J. said to me when the event was at its peak, "It's nice to have QUALITY events, but it's really nice to have the QUANTITY, too!"  I'm guessing that we had around 300 men cycling into and around and out of the event during the four hours that I was there. HUGE numbers of us were in full gear, or in shirtless splendor (or less).  It reminded me of Wolfs or the Eagle, back around 1995 or so, or the Iron Spur around 1979.

Several people spoke hopefully about wanting to have the same event multiple times per month.  It could happen… I'd need a lot of feedback in order to make a decision, though.

I added dozens of new members during this event, so we're still the fastest-growing fetishmen's group on earth. San Diego's kinky community is doing really well right now, and we're improving constantly..

Last night's group picture is here, and the BIG version of the group picture is here. Those weren't fake smiles, either - The crowd was deliriously happy, and you could hear it in the tone of the conversations at full blast all night. We're starting to attract a lot of what I call "instigators" - Extroverted funsters who get the crowd all pleasantly riled-up. I really like that - We've all been too serious as a community for too long.



WHAT a fantastic night. Men were dressed up and down, laughing, even talking to each other. We have finally seen what San Diego men have been craving for so long. Last night at the Eagle was not a Stand and Model event. Men genuinely greeted each other and strangers. I felt more welcome there last night than I have been in SD ever. It happened because everybody participated and the event took on a life of its own. Let's keep up the momentum.



First time at this event and really had a great time! Wish I was there earlier but had a blast. Great to drag out my gear again. Looking forward to next time. Good job papa !!



It was my first time at your event,  it was great,  friendly people,  great eye candy tht was touchable and fun,  Thanks for letting me know about the group and making me feel so welcome! I had an out of town friend with me,  and he enjoyed it also. Looking forward to more., Thanks,



Had a great time, as usual at FMSD events!  Lots of familiar faces and lots of new ones, too.  Great mix of leather, latex/neoprene and bare chests (and combinations thereof!)  Casual, sexy, fun.  What more could you ask for!



I had a FABULOUS time at the event last night and I will definitely be coming back soon!

Codi boi

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