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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lodging for Visiting Dignitaries in a Month?

(Note from Tony: the folks coming into town in a month are the sort of people who keep their word, work hard in the community, and care about making the world a better place. When we do kindnesses for representatives from other cities, it puts good karma in the bank for San Diego so that we can get help from THEM when we need it. Please help out!  I'll gladly be hosting at least six folks myself, because I'm quite used to the circumstances, and I welcome the opportunity to meet new friends.)


From Mike, International LeatherSir 2003:

Hello San Diego,

In this challenging economy we all are faced with financial challenges, but the show must go on!  So on that note, we are going back to the old school hospitality ways of hosting our leather brothers and sisters.

We have a host of contestants coming to our fair city to compete for the California titles of California Leather Sir, boy, Community Bootblack and Puppy on June 17 - 19, 2011.

We need your help.  We need housing, a futon, a sofa, or even a warm bed for our contestants to rest for a night or two!

They will be busy with a meet and greet on Friday night; contestant interviews on Saturday morning; and the contest on Saturday night.

If you can help a brotha - or perhaps a sista - out, email me at  It would be greatly appreciated.  Who knows, you might make a great friend or have the winner right under your roof.


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