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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reviews of BearDance Night at Numbers

The thing that excites me most in the upcoming events list is Chris' BearNight Dance at Numbers this Saturday night.  It has been too long since I had a rompin' good dance night, and I could use it.  I invite everybody to join me, because it's a huge success, and an extraordinarily crowded, fun and hot time.  Watching Chris in action is like looking in a mirror for me, because he hustles around continuously to make sure that every detail is right. That way, everybody can have a wonderful time. Let's dance!


I'm boggled at how powerfully successful Big Chris' BearNight dance party was at Numbers this last Saturday.  By the time I left around midnight, the entire bar was jammed.  Like, almost fire-marshal-scary-crowded.  It was the first time that the second half of the bar had been opened to the bears and leathermen, and there was NO trouble filling the whole area.  I haven't seen a gay bar filled with that many dancing manly men in San Diego (on a non-holiday night) since I ran the Rampart dance party at Shooterz.  I'm deeply impressed.  

Events like that are no accident - It takes real leadership to get momentum going, and dedication to detail that keeps the ball rolling. Chris is a champion for spearheading this thing, and our local Tribe has needed it badly. The smell of testosterone was fierce, men were old-school cruising, and there is nothing that Facebook can provide that can compete with rubbing up against sweaty, hairy man-flesh when you're endorphinated out of your mind. What did you think?


From David C:

A pleasant surprise. I think the front room gets filled more tightly because the music is better there and the interaction around the bars is more enabled by the layout of the club. Nevertheless, there is a lot of circulation and the men seem to enjoy themselves, even the ones that don't dance much. It's a good crowd.

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