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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bootblacking 101

Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 7PM.

If you’ve been instructed to learn how to take care of your Top’s boots and leathers or simply want to learn how to shine your boots good enough to feel proud heading out to an event, this class will help get you started.

Cobi, Southwest Bootblack 2010, will cover general techniques and products for cleaning and maintaining boots and leather items.  This IS a hands-on workshop!  Please bring something leather to work on (even better--bring someone in boots!) and bring your own supplies.

What you’ll need to build a basic kit:

Saddle Soap or glycerin soap (like Neutrogena)
Horsehair soap dauber
Horsehair shine/buffing brush
Wax polish (Kiwi, Lincoln, Angelus)
Huberd’s shoe grease (if you have oil tan boots or leather items)
A soft, clean, lint-free, cotton cloth (a t-shirt will work )
Lint-free cotton towel or rag
Spray bottle

Cobi is celebrating his tenth year with Club X.  He currently serves as Secretary on their Board of Directors.  He shares his BDSM experiences at colleges and has taught classes on bootblacking, food play and making toys.  He also serves as Ambassador in the San Diego Leather Realm, helping curious people find their kink.  Cobi is the Southwest Bootblack 2010 and because of his playful instigating, was pinned "Mama's Bus Driver."

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