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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

FMSD Status Report, Late October 2013

By Papa Tony
These are a few of the men are currently working, 
helping and coordinating their efforts to make 
FMSD's next phase the best one of all!
If I missed somebody, please forgive my patchy memory…

Almost exactly forty months ago, I created FetishMenSanDiego with just a few gathered emails, and a promise of more events to come. Since then, there have been 668 blog posts, hundreds of cooperative and mellow events, thousands of new followers, and a deep, rich legacy of brotherhood. 

At no time have I done it all by myself. We are greatly blessed to have always had a large, affectionate team of brothers who are dedicated to shifting our Tribe into its next phase. The magic of FMSD's design is that it is crowdsourced. Our next stage is going to be all about empowering anyone with an excellent idea that will benefit our community, so that his dreams can come true.

In my own case, rather than retiring completely (as I had previously said that I would), I have realized that I can still contribute as part of a team.  Many men are eager to create new events and traditions, and I'm sticking around to applaud, coach (if desired) and facilitate their efforts.  Decades of experience can be a great asset for men who are on the rise!

I will still be pretty darned visible in an online context, though I won't be front and center at most of our upcoming events. A BIG team of men are successfully starting out as community leaders, and each individual event will be run by the guy in charge. If you don't know these men yet, you'll have plenty of opportunities to find out how wonderful they truly are.

This is the time of year when the number and scope of events will decrease more and more as the end of the year approaches. Then, after the first of the year, expect some surprises. One of the benefits of a flexible group is that it's designed to be an environment that encourages innovation.

The foundation of our group is tremendously strong:

- We are gaining a minimum of five followers every single day, and sometimes many more. Many of them live nowhere near San Diego, but they hunger for a strong sense of Tribe, and we supply it in a very appealing way.

- By supporting other groups through advertising their events, we are supplying "glue" that helps the larger community thrive.

- We have an increasing number of men with experience and deep wisdom among us, and they are eager to share what they know. 

- Our youngest brothers are ecstatically happy - thriving, and getting the support that they need from dozens of "Loving Uncles".

- Many couples have found each other through our group.

- We're somewhat "Top Heavy" in our membership (around fifty percent, week after week at the Men's Discussions), and this is a wonderful thing. I plan to keep mentoring other Tops as an ongoing community service… More sassy, experienced Tops = happy, happy bottoms!

- Speaking of the Men's Discussions, we're breaking new records in attendance. Each month, a new member of the team takes over the Men's Discussions; making the plans, coordinating the presenters, and taking responsibility for how things go, once the meeting is under way. This is working superbly.

- Check out our new home page - It's designed to set the goals for the group for a long time.

Our next Enormous Movie Night is coming up on Wednesday, November 13th.  It's going to be wonderfully typical of how FetishMen can be, when we are at our best. If you want to be a part of some thoroughly enjoyable history, don't miss it!

Expect BIG announcements after the first of the year.  We're getting all of our ducks in a row before then, so stay current, and watch what happens!

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