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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Agenda for FMSD for December 2013

December 4:

A basic CPR training session given by the Red Cross. There is a basic $20 fee. If the fee is a financial problem please contact me and we’ll work it out. I do have a limited scholarship fund that that can cover some of our members. We are shooting for a group of around 20, and this is open to everyone, not just FMSD members. So if you know someone who is interested bring them along.

Please RSVP with subject line:
CPR DEC 2013

We hope to see you there, and please don't let financial concerns keep you away, we'll work it out.

December 11: 

To start the evening we will be presented with a very effective ‘being present’ group meditation lead by my friend Richard. This may seem unusual for our wednesday night meetings but there is a method to the madness that will be explained during the introduction. After the break we will continue with a brief talk on the Shamanism/Leather connection to be followed by a group discussion about kink, BDSM, and altered states of consciousness and what it may or may not mean. Specifically how do we express and explain the states we acquire in our practices and how it enhances our life journey.

December 18:

Members and leaders of wide variety of the Fetish and Kink Groups here in San Diego will be giving an overview of the group they represent. This will be an opportunity to get to know the breadth an variety of groups, what they do, and how they do it. What I would like to see come out of this meeting is a good understanding of what is available in San Diego and also to give us as a group to pick a group or charity that we would create an event (remember event planning 101) to raise funds and provide our service to. We are really great at this.

The next two Wednesdays are Christmas and New Years Day, so meetings to continue come January 2014 with Daddy Ron And Family.

kiss xoxo
-Michael Perry

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