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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Upcoming Events

The purpose of this listing is to provide a one-stop, unbiased and reasonably complete listing of events that would attract gay FetishMen in and around the San Diego area.  It is meant to be spread as widely as possible, so that folks inside and outside Facebook have free access.

Please follow the standard reference for events listings:

If you post your event, it will be sent out via email each week, after being edited for appropriateness and completeness.

Cigar Social at Palm Springs Leather Pride 2013

======= UPCOMING EVENTS=======

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 7PM: Massive Movie Night @ Birch North Park Theater at 2891 University Ave. Tonight's treat: The funniest gay comedy of all time.


The Eagle's 11th Anniversary weekend kicks off:

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 5PM onward at the Eagle: A new sports night early with new host Timmy starts at 5pm w/Rugby Team Fundraiser…

At 10PM, Red Hanky Night with bartender and host Eli, Continuing with the Sports Gear Fetish Theme.


Friday, November 15, 8:30PM - 1AM: Beat and Greet

This social/ impact play event is for friendly people who would like to
learn more about flogging, paddling and the like. We'll be demonstrating
techniques on eager volunteers and curing the curiosities of those who
have questions. Nothing too wild, just pleasantly kinky enough to bring
a smile that lasts a while!


Friday, November 15th:

9pm: Cowboy and Kinksters to support the IGRA 2013 Convention.

10:30 starts Stud Night with sexy porn star Robby Mendez.

GoGo Boys
Give Aways


Sunday, November 17, 5-10PM @ Private Residence in Sherman Heights: Poker Tournament, Cigars, Drink Service & Cards Against Humanity side game.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Leather Cares Help Fund, an organization that benefits individuals in our community during tough times, created by Wish Linda.


Sunday, November 17: Bus Trip from San Diego Eagle to LA Eagle. Details and tickets from bartenders at the San Diego Eagle.


Monday, Nov. 18, 7PM:  White Board Session re: Leather Kink Fetish Area at San Diego Pride 2014

We're starting with a blank slate and want your ideas.

Please join us for an open conversation to share your input about the Leather Kink Fetish area at San Diego Pride.

(If you are unable to attend, please feel free to share your thoughts via email with Aaron and/or Wish.)


Wed, Nov 20, 7-9PM:  FMSD Discussion Group (hosted by Patrick Willoughby)

TOPIC:  PTSD.  Patrick is going to share his own personal journey and there will be guest speakers to help us understand the topic better.  Intense play can bring up all kinds of stuff in people that you would otherwise never see.  This discussion will give us a better insight into PTSD and what we can do if we run into it with others (or ourselves!)


Thursday, November 21: VENUS IN FUR

We have a wonderful opportunity to participate in a special leather/kink/BDSM event. The San Diego Repertoire Theater in Horton Plaza is honoring Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (the “m” in S&M.) with a production of his play, “Venus in Fur.”  The play’s run is from November 9 to December 8.

I am inviting you to join us on Thursday, November 21, before the play for a special activity that should be of interest to members of our Leather, Kink and BDSM communities.  There will be a panel talking about “All the Flavors of Kink.”  This panel features such luminaries as Dr, Jenn (Jennifer Gunsaullus), Jennifer Rehor, Suzy, Ms.San Diego Leather 1997, Alex West Moreau and the well known BDSM expert and leader, our very own, John McConnell.


Wed, Nov 27TH -OR- Fri, Nov 29th will be our monthly Demo Night.

All those interested in attending, please respond to our FMSD on Facebook Poll here:

(The above link takes you to the poll via Facebook in mobile mode (which is the only way the link would work!)  To get back to regular "Desktop" Facebook, just click the back button after answering the poll question.)


Friday, December 6, 2013, 6-11PM: December Nights Leather/Fetish Takeover

Mr. & Ms. San Diego Leather Eli Correa & Colt Everyday cordially invite you to join in this fun & free social event! Plan on meeting at the Top of the Park anytime between 6-7:30pm for a mixer and to form our posse!

If you don't feel like going to that portion or can't make it until later, we will then walk over to Balboa Park and swing slowly by the Museum of Man (which houses the Instruments of Torture exhibition) sometime between 7:45-8pm to pick up others.

We hope you'll also join us in getting geared up!

December Nights information here:


Fri, December 13, 10PM:  Harness @ Numbers San Diego
3811 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103

On the 2nd Friday of every month, CUB CLUB SD and Numb3rs Nightclub present HARNESS, a monthly Leather/Gear event.  It's simple; wear what you want. However, we encourage strapping on your HARNESS. GET IN EARLY to entertain your friends & imbibe......You never know what will happen in the dark.



January 17-20: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2014

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