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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Review of "Restraints… Tie, Me Up, Tie Me Down and Restrain Me" Demo Night

From boy steve:

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014:

An evening of no-holds-barred restraint - Demo Night presented by Cobi sharing his extensive knowledge of and experience with bondage play.

Beginning with a clarification of what bondage can be and its variations (physical, emotional, mental) and combinations (control, mindfucking, etc.), the discussion moved on to what is needed to make it an erotic, pleasurable and safe experience for all participants, and specifically what the top needs to do and be aware of before, during, and after a bondage scene.

Prior to the discussion, several men, to help set the mood, volunteered their bodies to be wrapped in saran and tape, or rope, or stapled. When the devices came out of Cobi's case, eyes - and smiles - widened. Every part of the body can be restrained somehow - from head to foot, from a nose hook to a hog-tie, there were plenty of examples and suggestions to whet the appetite and stimulate curiosity and creativity...and without having to pull out the credit card.

Need a gag? Try a whiffle ball and string. Duct tape, along with old socks, now has yet another use. And body bags (sleeping sacks) can be found at many major retailers. When the presentation concluded, men tried those restraints which interested them most and practiced and shared different body rope harnesses.

And those men who had been restrained at the beginning of the evening? Well, as they were still bound, those helpless bodies proved too tempting to be left untouched….

Pre-Event Publicity

Wed June 25th 7-9pm Our Monthly Demo/Play Party featuring: “Tie me up…tie me down & restrain me!

Cobi, resident member of Club X and Southwest Bootblack 2010 will share his expertise and masterful knowledge of basic ropes & restraints in a “bondage” scene that contributes to states of arousal, stimulation and being brought to orgasm while being immobilized. This demo is hands-on interactive. In addition to the demo, cum and indulge in other “nasty pig” fetishes!

Other Reviews

Ron Brundige LeatherAlpha: great job last night at the demo. Thanks for all you do for FMSD and the community. As always, big hugs.

Jon LeatherBoy Somerville: Agreed! So much good information and lots of fun!

Louie Main: I got a lot of useful information, and cellophane and duct tape wrapping was fun

Jeffrey Hill: Great job! Thanks again.

Richard Cook: Definitely..... LOTS of Fun, Sir ! (lol !) Thank-you to all who participated in making it a very special experience for this boy! With an extra special thanx to Cobi and Steve !

Magnům Masterš: Finally made it back to SD. Thanks Cobi for stepping in to host and to my boy Steve to assist! I'm glad the demo was a success!

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