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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review of "Pups and Handlers" Workshop

Wednesday, December 3, 2014.

As always, the excellent photos are by our good brother Scott Smith, whose artistic brilliance is deeply appreciated!

From Papa Tony:

FetishMenSanDiego is blessed with some deeply knowledgable, experienced and well-loved experts in various topics. We seem to be particularly blessed with large amounts of knowledge about Puppies and Handlers.

Pup Nikita started out by handing around some puppy accessories, gear and toys, for everyone's enjoyment.  The masks, tails and paws were particularly enjoyable!

Then, he demonstrated the proper way to walk a puppy that is well-trained.

Then, as always with Puppies, things got a bit out of hand!

Nikita challenged us to try getting tiny graham crackers out of a dog dish.  
Having a long tongue, I had no problems!  Yum!

Papa Tony's Birthday Celebration

I had originally canceled my participation in the evening's events, after spending all day wrestling (successfully) with computers for my clients.   I was so burned out!

However, when a little birdy texted me a picture of my surprise birthday cake at the meeting, I headed for Mission Gathering at full speed!

Many thanks to my slave keith, who provided the cake, and my slave bob, who gave me my new BLING!

It's a pleasure to have spent another excellent year with my FMSD brothers.  We all have much to celebrate, and I never intend to take that for granted.  My birthday wish is that everyone be as happy as I am.

I admit it - After decades of never wearing jewelry, I've turned into a Bling Queen!  :->

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