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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

San Diego Butchmanns Experience: Call For Volunteers

Note from Papa Tony: This is a great opportunity to be in service to San Diego's best and rising new Sirs, and our brother submissives who are exploring their truest selves.  This is a chance to contribute to history being made in our town.  Please give this invitation a serious consideration, because it will gain you all sorts of important bonus points in our Tribe, going forward.  The way that things are going, the first-ever Butchmanns Experience in San Diego is shaping up to be a powerful turning-point in our local culture.

From Frank: We are seeking a few good women and men to contributor to our San Diego Leather/Kink community.

Here’s your chance.

Volunteers (not participating in the Butchmanns Experience) are needed to provide meals to our guests attending this San Diego event.

We need help preparing, serving and cleaning up.

If your talents are in the kitchen, this is an opportunity to contribute to the well-being and growth of our tribe.

Contact ExplorerFrank: xplrrb

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