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Sunday, May 10, 2015

FLOG SWARM!!! Saturday, May 30th

This event is part of the larger Family Reunion Weekend!

The newest, exciting, and deeply TRIBAL Flog Swarm is coming soon! Come for the Flog Swarm, and stay for the dinner!   It's all part of the FAMILY REUNION WEEKEND.

WHEN: Saturday, May 30, 2015. The Flog Swarm starts at 4pm SHARP!!!

If you are not there and ready by 4 PM, we will start without you. No mercy. This event is very tightly coordinated, and will be following specific plans that will cause people to bond closely as friends. If you miss out, you miss out.

Dinner starts at 7PM.

WHERE: Sunset Temple
3911 Kansas Street
San Diego, CA 92104

COST: For the entire event, (which includes the Flog Swarm and a sit-down dinner), is $25 per person.


Ticket sales for Flog Swarm 2015 and Dinner end just before midnight, Tuesday, 26 May 2015. We need to inform the caterer Wednesday morning how many folks to serve Saturday evening. 


Papa Tony's one-hour online instructional video is strongly recommended.

If you would like to participate in the practice-sessions before the Swarm, contact us at SignMeUpForEvent AT gmail DOT com

So… What is a Flog Swarm?

It is coordinated and joyful kinky play, that is designed to break down the walls between us. This event is for the most open-minded folks, who tend to lead with their big, beautiful hearts. 

If you struggle without a rock-solid itinerary, you're really not going to enjoy this. However, if you're willing to open your mind, drop the shields and play as if you were a happy three-year-old in a mud puddle, you're going to have a great time!

If you are one of the 72 lucky folks who attended last year's Flog Swarm, please bring your best new ideas along with you  this year, because we want to stir things up a lot. Bring your A-game! We want to hear from you, preferably beforehand, so that we can mix your ideas in with everyone else's. 

Send your ideas to us at SignMeUpForEvent AT gmail DOT com.

The Kinky King is Back!

Photos by Scott Smith and Mike.

This time around, our brother Brett will be the Ringmaster for the Swarm. He played the role of "King Versatile The First" last year. He brings creativity, patience, credibility and a wonderful sense of humor to the party.

Brett will be guiding the flow of events and people, as only a deeply creative person can do. Brett, Papa Tony and International Ms. Leather 2015 Sarge all share the exact same personality-type. We will all be in attendance, along with dozens of other women and men who are natural Tribal leaders, elders, hotties and activists.

Expect surprises, laughter, thoroughly pleasing flogging in every possible style, and wonderful new friends that you never thought that you would ever find reasons to treasure. 


- The #1 rule for the Flog Swarm is: "No Lonely People!"  So, let's all drop the shields and reach out to the shy, the new and the unsure. There is no one here who will cause you harm, or treat you shabbily.  We guarantee it.

- There will be cameras. If you're not wild about the idea, please bring a mask, or, we can help you make one. Your presence is greatly desired.

- There will be various levels of nudity, but no bare asses. This is as a courtesy to the folks who own the venue, who don't want to dry-clean the furniture after we leave. This seems reasonable.

Photos by Mike:

The super-popular and powerful DANCE OF THE BOOBIES!  This was meant to break down the walls between women and gay men.  It worked wonderfully.

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