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Friday, May 8, 2015

FMSD Potluck and Sock Donation

Wednesday, May 13, 2015, 6:30 to 9PM at Stomping Ground.

Photo by the ever-excellent Scott Smith!

From Kurt:

Hi Fellow FMSD Guys, Kinksters and Bro's.

Time to Show Off your FOOD, COOKING and ORAL GRATIFICATION talents!!

We’ve got us a POTLUCK Dinner happening at NEXT WEEK’S MEETING.  If YOUR LAST NAME starts with:

A-K: Please bring us a salad, maybe a light and non messy / finger food kind of appetizer, or a side dish.

L-Z: Bring a main dish, the primary entrée item that the rest of the meal is built around.

Meat or Vegan, Hot or Cold, Sweet or Spicy or Mild, … no worries.  It’s a food item that really “Turns You On.”

Baby Back Ribs, Meat Loaf, A Meatless Item … whatever is your favorite that you really enjoy, and want to share and want to open the door to the rest of us on … “what are you into …. With food???”

We did Pizza and Fried Chicken at the Park Picnic, so some new items will be a great variation for us, this time around, ok?

If you would like to bring a dessert item, it can be in addition to your main/side dish choice.  Again, something that you really are into, and think the rest of us will be into.   I got hooked up on some killer Cinnamon Rolls that are usually a breakfast item, but says who that we can’t have them.  Personally, it would be like Pig Heaven for me, if someone brought Bacon … still slightly Limp, and also the Hard Munchy kind.  Just saying.  It could be a Kurt-Kink.  (kidding buds)

I don’t know how if we have a stash of Utensils and Napkins and Table-wear somewhere, so if anyone can clue me in, or bring some, that would be kewl.


Also, Friday evening is the night that I bring Food, Clothes and Sleeping Bags to Homeless Kids.  FYI, the leftover Bagels last week went to a Homeless Dude in Mission Valley and the Day Laborers in the Home Depot parking lot.

People living on the streets have a need for Socks and Laundry Detergent.  Sox wear out, and they can’t carry a gallon bottle of Liquid Detergent like we keep above our Washing Machine.

Hence, if you can please bring any gently worn sox  ( a hole at the toe or heel isn’t a big deal when you have no sox at  all ) or a baggie with enough Dry Laundry Detergent to wash one Load of clothes, that would be sweet.

I learned about the laundry detergent issue when a guy asked me if I would turn him on to enough of it to wash his clothes at the Encinitas laundrymat.  He even mixed the colors and the whites.  No bleach.

Anyone with any thoughts, suggestions or support from past experiences … please share. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” and since we all like to eat, we all like each other and enjoy sharing … I wanted to put the word out, since Jerry’s pictures  of Hot Masculinity distracted me.  You know, shiny objects, lights, dudes and I glaze over.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday, May 13th, at the Stomping Ground around 06:30pm, ok?

Stay Happy



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