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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Florentine Flogging Class, Tuesday, May 10, and Very Inexpensive Matched Floggers

Note from Papa Tony:  This is the next class in my Master Class for Tops series.  We lost yet ANOTHER meeting-space a couple of months ago (folks really seem allergic to kinky lessons on their property), but we are trying out a new possibility.

Florentine Flogging Class

6PM, Tuesday, May 10

Florentine flogging is defined as using two floggers at the same time.  I talk about it on this page.

Send an RSVP to SignMeUp4Event to get on the list, and for the location.

You don’t have to be an advanced flogging-Top to take this class - ALL levels of experience are welcome. Travis is a very patient and accomplished teacher. I sat in on his last class, and I consider him to be a much better teacher than I could ever be, based upon the results that he gets from his students.

Inexpensive Matched Floggers

Ideally, before you arrive for the class, you should have two matched floggers.  If you don’t have them yet, GOOD NEWS! is having a clearance sale on a special item:


I recommend these very strongly.  Yes, they are inexpensive, but they work superbly - I have the red versions, and I love them.  So, buy two, for the fraction of the cost of ONE, elsewhere!

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